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Keeping Hydrated while Exercising with Body Armor Super Drink

We received sample product from the company.

As a runner I am always on the look out for products that will enhance my exercise and recovery experience. I recently had the opportunity to try the hydration product “Body Armor”. It’s an electrolyte and vitamin-enhanced sport drink. There are six delicious flavors to choose from: Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Punch, Mixed Berry, and Grape. I tried all six flavors and I can’t really decide my favorite – they’re all really good. It’s almost more of a fresh juice flavor – without the texture of juice. I’m not usually a fan of grape-flavored drinks and yet I did like this one – it’s not my favorite, but I did like it.

I wanted to use these drinks as hydration products during a race to see how they affected my body when active and then again while in recovery from a race. The product claims “superior hydration” and touts 704mg electrolytes along with 200% RDI of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and 100%RDI of vitamins A,C,and E. So… how would it work for me during a 200+ mile road relay race? How about during a marathon? How about after the race while recovering?

image courtesy of Body Armor

image courtesy of Body Armor

During the relay event I used Body Armor Super Drink following each of my runs. I loved the taste & definitely felt like they provided adequate hydration without the sugary taste that many sports drinks have. I usually prefer water over sports drinks, but I didn’t feel the need for additional water – Body Armor did its job. Some of my fellow team members had tried Body Armor products before and brought them along too as they have had favorable results also. My teammate Michelle, who is an ultra marathon runner, said that it’s her favorite sport drink. I shared the product with team members who hadn’t tried it before and they all agreed that it has a great taste and provides great hydration. When running a relay over 35 consecutive hours in the Arizona desert – you have to be adequately hydrated and you have to replenish you electrolytes. Body Armor met the challenge.

When prepping for my marathon because of my positive experience during the relay, I chose to carry Body Armor in one of the two bottles I carried on my fuel belt. I carried water in the other. I was so very pleased with the hydration provided by Body Armor during my marathon. I have carried other sports drinks during training runs and found myself craving water instead – the sports drink was just too sweet. And I have tried a variety of drinks, not just one brand. In my opinion, Body Armor stands alone as my choice for and enhanced hydration product. It’s water or Body Armor for me.

For more product information please visit or visit Body Armor on Facebook

Julie is an OC Supermom to six beautiful children. She is an editor with Blue Tulip Publishing, active in the community, and enjoys running in her free time.
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