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Keeping Kids With Food Allergies Safe When Away From Home


There are so many different degrees of food allergies. There are food allergies that give kids a small rash or a tummy ache, and then there are the food allergies that are life-threatening. Unfortunately, my son has life-threatening food allergies. I have had to watch him experience too many near death experiences – all because of food. As he is getting older, I can no longer be with him 100% of the time, and I have had to figure ways to keep my son with food allergies safe when away from home.

anaphylaxis food allergies

While I wish that we just had one food to avoid in our household, we have multiple foods to avoid. In fact, he has tested positive to different degrees to all foods. That is why I am passionate about cooking healthy, natural foods for my children.

The key to keeping my son safe when away from home is communication. I do my best to notify everyone about his food allergies, but I have found that it is impossible to ensure that everyone is aware of his food allergies.

allermates food allergies

We use allermates to keep everyone aware of his food allergies. They are bright, bold, and they are easy to see. There are different styles of allermates, and I can even write emergency information with a sharpie on the inside of the bands.

allermates food allergies

Another step I take to keep my son safe when away is to have him wear a fanny pack. I know..I know..fanny packs are not cool. I have found some narrow ones at Sport Chalet that people can hardly see he is wearing under his shirt.

Inside of the fanny pack, I have his Benadryl, two epi-pens and all of his emergency contact information. It is vital for him to have the epi-pen on him at all times since it just takes a few seconds for his throat to close.

These are just a few ways to help protect your kids, but educating your kids is always the most important way. Make sure your children are aware of their allergies, and encourage them always read labels and know what is in their food before eating.

Although we have been using Allermates before, they did provide us with some new updates bands. This did not influence our opinions in the brand.

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