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Keeping It Sharp: 7 Tips for Looking Professional

There has always been a running gag about men being filthy, always rugged, and could not (and would not) take care of themselves, especially in the hygiene and grooming department. We are sure that the said gag is not always accurate. Of course, you will still need to dress sleekly, shine up, and carry yourself professionally under different circumstances, especially in the workspace. When we are in the workspace, we need to dress smart, reliable, and handsome at the same time. If you are not yet used to this or if it is still your first time, well, you are in luck! Today, we will help you by giving you a few tips for dressing up and looking professional! Check this out:

Invest in a watch

We will not shy away by bringing in the big guns immediately since all our hands are on deck here. If you want to look smart and professional, then you better invest in a watch, preferably a luxury watch. Luxury watches are not just luxuries—they are also an investment! People will see you in high regard once they see you wearing a luxury watch. These accessories are great for meetings, proposals, and presentations, adding a big plus to your professional look. You can invest in a more affordable yet just as reliable watch such as Seiko. You can also go for a one-time big-time investment by choosing Omega or Rolex watches if you can.

Wear a suit properly

A good suit will give you the utmost handsome and professional look. Although, the problem with this is to find the perfect office attire for you. The secret to wearing a perfect suit is to find the perfect fit. If you buy suits from ready-to-wear boutiques, focus on choosing the perfect fit across your shoulders. The reason is that the waist and the chest part are just easy to alter, compared with the shoulders part. Experts say you need to be careful about choosing period suits unless you are going for a period look. Your best and most useful choice is still the classic style: a dark suit with two buttons, single-breasted, and has only moderate details.

Be strict with altering

Since we talked about the perfect fit, it is just right to talk about altering, too. When buying your office attire, always choose to aim for the perfect fit and have it altered.

Add a bit of color

Do not be afraid of choosing colored professional attire. We still need a bit of color once in a while, do we not? Be it formal wear or casual wear, there is nothing wrong with choosing colored clothing. Most men get intimidated by colored clothes. By using colors, you do not need to have your entire attire colored in uniform. Remember, less is more. Just add a bit of color to one of your garments.

Choose a good footwear

Give a girl a great pair of shoes and she will conquer the world, so they say. This saying not only applies to women but also to men. You cannot just rely everything on your trusty sneakers—invest in good shoes! People usually judge people by the shoes they wear, so you better make a good impression. Invest in a pair of good-quality leather shoes that you can use in the workspace. Good leather shoes are also an investment because they can last a long time. They are also comfortable to wear and quite fashionable.

Take care of your office attire

We cannot deny how expensive office clothing is. Now that you have splurged on it, make the most of your money by taking care of it and making it last for a longer time! Invest in good wooden hangers that will take care of your coat. Choose also the best iron and detergent that you can find.

Quality over quantity

We know it is tempting to buy a lot of that low-quality office attire you saw in a store than to buy a few great quality ones. If you think having a lot of low-quality suits is more practical than choosing a good one, that is when you are wrong. What you have are only lots of ugly suits which can wear out faster. Instead, aim for the best quality suit or office attire you can mix and match. Since these garments are in great condition, they can last for a long time.

Overall, be confident!

Here are just some tips that can help you look sleek and professional. It is now up to you how you will try them out! The best tip that you should remember is to be confident and feel good about yourself. If you believe in yourself, you can do everything that you want and prepare to do. Having a good feeling about yourself is also contagious—people around you will respect and trust in you if you trust in yourself first.

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