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Kid-Friendly Veggies in a Bottle

Bolthouse Farms

Trying to get my kids the daily amount of vegetables into their diet is one of the biggest challenges I have experienced as a mom. My picky eater is always refusing to eat his veggies, and I have to use creative tactics to get them into his diet like sneaking them into pasta sauces, pancakes, and more. Another way that I’ve been successful at getting him to eat his vegetables is with smoothies and juicing. The only problem with juicing is the massive amount of mess is creates in my kitchen and the long clean-up time.

Pouring Bolthouse Farms

Since I am a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to juice daily for my son, I have been trying new products, and recently fell in love with Bolthouse Farms. Each bottle has 3 3/4 servings of vegetables, and they use freshly harvested vegetables to offer the highest amount of nutrition in each bottle of juice. Plus, they have been in business for 95 years, giving me the comfort of knowing they are creating the highest quality product on the market.

Carrot Juice

I first introduced my kids to the carrot juice. I put the juice into a blender along with some ice, greek yogurt, and hemp seeds to add a little protein to their drink. The kids thought that they were drinking a milkshake when in fact they were drinking 100% carrot juice with the added protein of the hemp seeds.

Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice

While my kids loved the carrot juice (smoothie) I created, I enjoyed the daily green juice. The daily green juice features cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine, and kale all in one bottle. It packed a high amount of vitamin C and saved me from having to drive to our local juice shop for my daily juice.

Bolthouse Farm Juices

Bolthouse Farms Juices is a product that you can trust, and your kids will enjoy. They do not claim to use organic fruits and vegetables, so I do caution parents on limited the amount of non-organic juices that their children consume. The juices are preservative-free, have no artificial colors/flavors, and are gluten-free. To find out where to purchase Bolthouse Farms juices near you, please look on online.

Sample product received

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