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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Kidnap Bowling with Your Kids

Just when the kids think they are about to to fall asleep…mom and dad come in and kidnap them for a wild night on the town. That my friends is called. Kidnap bowling! My husband first started doing kidnap bowling with the kids during his time as Nation Chief with the YMCA Indian Guides. The kids loved having their parents sneak them out of bed for a fun night at the bowling alley. Our kids had been restless from being stuck inside due to the cold weather, so we decided to surprise them with a fun night on the town this at the Forest Lanes Bowling Alley.

Kidnap Bowling Alley

“What happens during kidnap bowling…stays at Kidnap bowling” that is our motto.

This is the kids one and only change to indulge on soda, nachos and cheese sticks. That is right – all you can eat!

Mozzarella Sticks

Then the fun really begins as our family rocked out to the hottest tunes while playing a mean game of bowling.

Bowling Tips

Did I mention that our littlest guy Tyler won this game?

Cosmic Bowling

Go ahead and create a special memory with your kids.

Dad Bowling

We only live life once..

Bowling Lanes

Play Bowling

Kids Bowling

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  1. I understand what you mean about kidnapping your own kids, but I’ll never use the word kidnap like that. Kidnapping is very serious, very scary, and not to be made light of. I think a name change like Surprise Excursion or something else, might be better.

    • The YMCA has been calling it this for years. We will make sure and pass along your feedback to them! Thank you!


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