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Kid’s Birthday Party Themes for Fall They’ll Never Forget

Kid’s with summer birthdays seem to have more options in terms of outdoor venues, but autumn parties have the advantage of less heat and fewer people away on vacation.  For those planning a party at their home, a park or other outdoor space, picking a theme that is appropriate for the weather and the age of the children is the most important decision.

Sometimes it’s easy to pick a theme based on a character that they like, but other times it’s fun to pick something that can be carried through all the way. That includes the décor, the cake, the invitations, and even the games, music, and snacks.  Giving your child the birthday party of their dreams does not have to be a challenge.

To make it even easier, there’s a new company called BLUEPRINT that gives a helping hand. Founders, Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker started their company to help busy adults. Their solution is a downloadable DIY party plan that gives you everything you need to create a fantastic birthday party.  There are more than 12 themes that can be customized or simply downloaded in a pre-designed plan. Each plan lets you know the age that it’s appropriate for and gives you a preview of what the plan looks like.

While the blueprint party plans might look like a list, there’s actually a lot of wisdom behind each theme.  Monique and Ariel have planned over 3,000 parties so they know it’s important to make every guest feel included. They also know that the magic to a party is high energy games and they provide a reliable tool to create an incredible event on a budget.

Pre-designed plans come with a list of what you need to prepare. That’s super helpful for adults that don’t have a lot of time and can do a bit of prep in the days or even a week prior. There’s also the option for custom theme that take the plan to the next level of customization. Either way, it’s going to be a great time.


If you’re thinking of planning a child’s birthday party this fall, here are some of the most popular that can be hosted in your home. The secret to a successful party is that every child feels included in the activities. There’s no one out or one winner. It’s activity after activity until the party is over!

Dinosaur Theme – This theme is best for children ages three to six years old. Fun ideas that go along with the theme are super cute and easy for adults to organize. For example, high energy games include Dinosaur Relay Race, Dig it Up!, and Mini Dinosaur Race.

Field Day – Just thinking about the fall makes us think about sports. That’s why a Field Day is the perfect birthday theme for this time of year.  It’s so much fun that it’s not uncommon for adults to partake in the activities.  Perfect for a mix of kids with every personality and skill level. Since no one is competing against a single other person, there’s team spirit and loads of laughs.

Carnival – With a bit of creativity, imagination, and a great party plan, you can transform a space into an exciting carnival. If you’re the type that’s really into the details, take pictures while visiting local fairs or carnivals and include some of those ideas into your party. If not, no problem! Just follow the step by step instructions and everyone’s a winner with this theme.

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