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Kids and Inspire Chiropratic Health and Wellness

Kids and Inspire Chiropratic Health and Wellness

For most, when we think of chiropractic care, we generally think about treating ourselves … not our kids. I have had chiropractic care most of my adult life, I’m a big believer, and last year I began treating my three children.  Lets face it, kids typically have an easier time recovering from the twist and turns, hard hits and falls, plus the strain they put on their bodies than adults do.  That being said, kids still get out of alignment as a result of poor posture and being involved in sports, chiropractic care naturally facilitates wellness and helps the body function at a higher level.

Children suffer with pain just the same way that adults do, but as their muscles and bones are smaller, it’s often harder to pinpoint what the issue may be. If a child presents to you as a parent with pain, the one thing that you want to ensure is that you are getting the right help. Identifying conditions like cervical radiculopathy may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean that a chiropractor won’t be able to help them. Chronic pain is the type of pain that doesn’t go away, and you need to ensure that you are getting the exact help that you need for your child. With the right chiropractor by your side, you’re going to be able to ensure that they get the very best care for them. Pain comes and goes but with the right care, it’ll stay gone after some treatment and with the right attention!

I have found that regular chiropractic visits is like a body maintenance, a way to prevent back spasms, back and neck pain, headaches and other pains.  Sure, Chiropractic doctors can still help us when we are in severe pain, but regular visits usually lessen those flare-ups.  After a successful flag football season, it was time to visit Inspire Chiropractic Health and wellness in Ladera Ranch to get the boys fixed up.


Treating children with chiropractic care can improve posture, realigns hips, legs, neck and back for better athletic performance, as well as, overall health and wellness.  Chiropractic care has also been found to help those with digestive system issues and Autism as is helps stimulate the central nervous system.

Dr. Alec Cole and Dr. Nick Williams both have experience treating children which is the reason why I felt so comfortable bringing the kids to Inspire.  Dr. Cole was very thorough in explaining how the treatment would feel and how the treatment would correct their bodies, he also was very patient in listening to the kids explain their aches and pains.


Griffin, 7 years old, was treated first.  I really liked that Dr. Cole showed and explained each area of concern starting with the unevenness of Griffin’s legs, an easy yet important fix, and how growth spurts can effect the knees.  Griffin was immediately at ease after the explanation of how the treatment would feel and sound, in fact, he was quite giggly!  I think the side note of Griffin and Dr. Cole having the same birthday may have helped.


Chiropractic care naturally facilitates wellness and helps the body function at a higher level.   Ronan, 9 years old, had a longer treatment as he has been more physical season.  Even though flag football is a no-contact sport, the boys still fall, tumble, roll, collide and dive into the end-zone to get those points.  Again, Dr. Cole questioned Ronan and discussed the treatment he would receive, constantly checking with Ronan about his comfort level.  It’s fun to listen to the kids be so inquisitive!


Dr. Alec Cole and Dr. Nick Williams, owners of Inspire, graduated with honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2012. They have experience in a variety of clinical settings including family practice, sports medicine, physiotherapy, pediatric care, prenatal care, geriatrics, and wellness care. They have also provided service in several charitable health service organizations that provide free chiropractic care to those in need. Some of these include The Dream Center L.A., Mexican Medical Ministries, Orange County Rescue Mission, and Chiropractic Care for Homeless Veterans

Inspire Chiropractic Health and Wellness offers affordable treatment for the whole family, including massage and coming in December, Acupuncture.  For a full description of pricing packages, click here or see Inspire’s website

Visit Inspire Health & Wellness at 25662 Crown Valley Parkway Suite H-2, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 Monday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Contact Inspire at (949) 347.6938 or online at  Follow Inspire on Facebook at Chiropractic Health & Wellness and Instagram at inspire_chw.

Wendy is a wife and mom of three that lives in Coto. She enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her kids, party planning, exercising, and cooking.


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