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Kings Canyon Waterfall Hike in Carson Valley Nevada

We visited the Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley as a guest

Kings Canyon Waterfall

The first thing my daughter and I do when planning an upcoming trip, is to see if there is a waterfall we can explore. We discovered that there is a majestic Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley Nevada. The best part is that the hike is not strenuous like many waterfall hikes.

Kings Canyon Nevada Hiking Trails

Exploring waterfalls with your children is pure magic.

What to Expect at Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley

Hiking to Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley Nevada

The hike is perfect for families with young children. It is less than one-mile round trip.

Chevy Tahoe at the Kings Canyon Waterfall Hike

We arrived at the waterfall hike right before sunset. There is a parking area right at the base of the trail. We parked our Chevy Tahoe, and put on our jackets, and started the hike.

Entrance to the Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail

Beginning of Kings Canyon Waterfall Hiking Trail

The trail is well paved, and there are signs to help your family stay on the path. We admired all the beautiful plants, trees, and views of Carson Valley while on the trail.

Trail signage for Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley Nevada

Kings Canyon Waterfall hiking trail in Nevada

Once at the waterfall, we were in love. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls our family has ever hiked to see. My kids favorite part of the waterfall were all the frozen icicles. Waterfalls in winter are the best.

Best Waterfalls in Nevada

Frozen waterfall in Kings Canyon in Carson Valley Nevada

You’ll want to plan an hour for the entire experience. Once at the falls we took some pictures and relaxed for a little bit before returning to our car.

The Barone Family Exploring The Kings Canyon Waterfall in Carson Valley

It is important to stay on the trail, respect the fences, pick up after your pet, and pack out trash. The waterfall is an important source of drinking water for Carson City. Enjoy it. Respect it. Protect it.

Old Tree in Carson Valley Nevada

Also, I always recommend locking your car before going on the hike. Hiking trails are still the #1 spot for car break-ins, and it did happen to us in Carmel.

View of Carson Valley from the Kings Canyon Waterfall in Nevada


The Trail is at:
Kings Canyon Road
Carson City, Nevada

Best hike for families in Carson Valley

The trail is 0.6 miles roundtrip and is accessible during the winter, spring, and summer. Learn more about planning a trip to Carson Valley online.

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