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Do You Know These 12 Steam Cleaning Facts?

Steam cleaning is often touted as the go-to cleaning option for carpets after spot treatments. Experts often recommend regular steam cleaning to ensure carpet health and durability. These carpet cleaning methods are rife with several benefits that make them a preferred choice of many. If you are new to offering steam cleaning services, you should know 12 facts about steam cleaning.

  1. Steam cleaning is performed by over 90% of professionals: Because of the deep cleaning it offers, over 90% of professional cleaners use upholstery steam cleaner to offer effective cleaning services to their clients.


  1. Most carpet manufacturers prefer steam cleaning: Like professional cleaners, even carpet manufacturers prefer steam cleaning and recommend the same to their customers over other methods. They believe that this method ensures the health of the carpet and causes it to last longer.


  1. Steam cleaning maintains the carpet colour and texture: As mentioned earlier, steam cleaning is a method that will cause the least damage to the carpet. Since only steam is used and no chemicals are included, the colour and texture of the carpet remain unchanged.


  1. Steam cleaning keeps the indoor environment cleaner: Steam cleaning is known to offer deep cleaning, which means it keeps your carpet cleaner. A clean rug ensures the indoor environment is healthy and non-contaminated.


  1. This cleaning method doesn’t require room isolation during or after cleaning: Most carpet cleaning methods require you to keep the room sealed or closed to ensure the rug remains spotless. However, steam cleaning doesn’t require any of that. You can keep the doors and windows open so long as you don’t walk over the carpet until it is completely dry.


  1. Steam cleaning is highly effective against germs and bacteria: Steam cleaning uses steam, which is formed at higher temperatures, leading to effective eradication of germs and bacteria.


  1. Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly: Unlike many other cleaning methods, steam cleaning doesn’t use harsh chemicals or non-eco-friendly products. Therefore, it is a more eco-conscious choice for cleaning the carpets.


  1. This is the only “deep-clean” cleaning method for carpets: Steam cleaning is also known as deep carpet cleaning, and rightfully so because this method extracts dirt and debris matted deep within the fibres. The result is a carpet that is clean in and out.


  1. Downtime after steam cleaning is between 4 and 6 hours: Steam cleaning offers a deeper clean, but it also means that it takes more time for the carpet to dry since the use of water is involved. Generally, it takes about 4 to 6 hours for the rug to get dried.
  2. Steam cleaning is the most cost-effective option: If steam cleaning is done properly, you don’t need to do it until a few months later. This means homeowners don’t have to spend on carpet cleaning too frequently.


  1. Steam cleaning is not just for carpets: While steam cleaning is predominantly used for cleaning carpets, its use is not limited to just carpets. You can use this method on upholstery, curtains, and blinds.


  1. Steam cleaning is the safest option: Since chemicals are not used in steam cleaning, there is no residue left on the rug that can potentially harm your child or pet. Thus, steam cleaning is the safest option to keep your carpets clean.


Steam cleaning is time-consuming. However, the results are almost always worth the time, making it a viable option for many homeowners and professional cleaners. Thus, knowing the right facts about this cleaning method is beneficial when starting out as a carpet cleaner, as it will help you service your customers better.

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