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What to know when choosing hair bundles

With 38% of women using hair extensions to enhance their beauty, you’d think we’d premeditate the entire process leading up to the installation. If we’re honest, most of us probably don’t pay that much thought to our hair bundles until we’re at the hair salon and our stylist pulls out a palette. At this point, we either stare in confusion at the twelve plus options presented before us or proceed to select a bundle out of panic and pressure randomly; I don’t know which one’s worse. But here’s one thing for sure; thoughtlessly picking out hair bundles is costly, and I’m not even talking about the money but rather the discomfort. Can you imagine having to constantly tape in your hair extensions every five minutes or the pain of walking around in ridiculously mismatched hair tones? Take it from me; it’s an experience you don’t need.

How to choose hair bundles in five steps

Shopping for hair bundles isn’t something to walk into blindly; this is one of those purchases that’ll probably cost you hundreds of dollars, so why risk it? Buying hair is an investment when you do it right, and since there’s no one size fits all, one ultimately has to be very analytical about what they’re getting. We have gathered here five of the critical factors you need to consider when buying hair bundles.

Type of hair

Hair bundles often come in the range of human, synthetic and blended hair, each of these categories carries its distinct pros, cons, and features. Human hair, for instance, is impeccable at giving a striking resemblance to natural hair with its texture and quality; this means you’ll be buying into lustrous, healthy shine and bounce with your bundles. On the other hand, synthetic hair offers an affordable hair option that’s easy to manage but a lot less “natural looking.” Understanding what you want from your hair bundles, whether it’s quality human hair or pocket-friendly synthetic extensions is what will get you through this decision.


Just like natural hair, bundles come in several color variations; this feature attempts to mimic natural hair. Before your appointment, you’d want to cross-check the tone and color of your bundles to see if it contrasts with your natural hair color and skin complexion. If you’ll be working with a professional salon stylist, have them suggest a shade closest to your hair or any color that’ll best complement your looks so you don’t have unsightly and inconspicuous streaks after installation. Of course, there’s always the choice to dye your strands to have them match the bundle; regardless of the approach you take, ensure you consult with a professional hairstylist.


Which look are you going for? Is it a wavy summer style or a thick blunt cut straight bob? Hair bundles are versatile in their style, with patterns shifting from straight to curly, wavy, and kinky. Work out which type would best accentuate your features and weigh that against your lifestyle and the weather. Yes, you read that right. Lifestyle habits like exercising can significantly influence your hair’s curl pattern and styling. Similarly, environmental factors like humidity and the weather can dictate the type of hair bundles one should get.


Your personality and lifestyle are also significant factors in choosing hair bundles. You don’t want to spend so much money on hair that doesn’t complement your lifestyle; that would be a miss. For instance, people that lead busy lifestyles are better suited to undemanding hair extensions like synthetic wigs or blended tape-ins. Conversely, individuals that enjoy flexibility in their hair are better off donning human hair bundles. Tip- invest in lightweight hair bundles if you lead a physically active lifestyle, they’re more breathable.


Hair bundles come in different volumes, the most common options being 150, 180, and 250% density. The density of your hair bundles is the amount of hair sewn into each weft. Individuals looking for summer-friendly hair are better off rocking lighter bundle densities, whereas those looking for voluminous manes do well with thicker densities. It is also recommended that people with fine hair invest in more delicate bundles to avoid straining their natural strands. On the other hand, coarse textures thrive on denser volumes without wearing their hair down.

Summing up

Buying hair bundles demands an understanding of the hair game, but more importantly, it requires an awareness of your hair wants and needs. What do you want from your hair bundles? Is it longevity, quality, affordability, comfort, or versatility? These factors ultimately drive you to the perfect hair fit for you. While there’s a lot more to buying hair bundles than five simple tips, the pointers mentioned above cover the basics to give any newbie the insight they need when looking through that hair palette on their next visit to the salon. Happy shopping.

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