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Kobe Bryant: How His Family Lives a Healthy Lifestyle

I visited as a guest of BodyArmor

The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF), in partnership with NBA LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and LA Galaxy legend Cobi Jones, recently announced the newest Gold Cup partner: BodyArmor.

The event began at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with Kobe and Cobi holding a joint press conference announcing BodyArmor, which is dedicated to providing athletes only the best in nutrition and hydration. Some products include BodyArmor Sports Drink, BodyArmor LYTE Sports Drink, and BodyArmor Water.

What better spokesmen for a product and company that has its motto: “The best never rests. The best are obsessed.” In all they do, Kobe and Cobi certainly embody an obsession for excellence.

Introducing BodyArmor to the media pool, Cobi Jones expressed, “I’m excited to see this partnership grow and I’m excited to see what BodyArmor is doing especially as I am a father now. I see what it can do for future athletes. When I look at my two children, when I look at the future athletes sitting here on the sidelines, this is absolutely amazing; it’s what we talked about, a healthier sports drink and a healthier sports drink for athletes. This is great, this is what I use, and what my family loves…this is the future of sports drinks.”

Afterwards, Kobe took to the podium to express his enthusiasm for BodyArmor, “We’re extremely excited obviously about this partnership…As we continue to grow, as we continue to expand, as we continue to raise awareness. We believe having this partnership, and particularly in the sport of soccer, or football, as it grows here in the the States…and what it does for our youth.” Kobe continued by stating, “In teaching them how to work well with others, teaching them commitment, teaching them leadership, teaching them hard work. We are extremely proud, as a company, to be a part of this sport and helping it grow in whatever way we can assist and inspiring these young kids.”

With such strong and heartfelt endorsements, BodyArmor is certain to see their popularity continue to rise.

After the press conference, I had a chance to interview Kobe one-on-one, asking him additional questions on a variety of topics including maintaining a healthy diet, making family time a priority, and even upcoming writing and creative projects he has coming up.

Question number one I had for Kobe was, “One reason people admire you is that like so many of the greats, you demand perfection from yourself and those around you. We all know you worked tirelessly as a Laker to create incredible moments for us all. How do you take that same mentality and work ethic to living a healthy lifestyle for you and your family in our society that is so fast-food driven?”

Kobe explained, “Obsession is a word we like to use — but not obsession in an intimidating way; it’s more attention to detail. So as a parent, we’re obsessed with the development of our children, therefore we must also obsess with what they’re consuming. What they’re eating, what they’re hydrating with, and also what kind of content they’re digesting. As parents it’s our responsibility to be obsessive about that.”

The second question I asked him was, “What are some of your favorite go- to foods, your personal favorites? You’re always on the go, what keeps your energy up?”

I just try to eat clean; eat clean and eat healthy. Chicken and rice.” At this point though, even the five-time NBA champ had something to admit, “You know, I’m also not above an In-N-Out burger though.” He smiled big and I asked, “Gotta get that Double-double every once and a while?” Kobe laughed and said, “Oh-my-goodness, Double double. Grilled onions. I’m good.” This light-hearted moment showed how it’s important to be realistic about healthy eating but also to recognize it’s ok to enjoy some comfort food every once and a while too.

I moved on to a more serious topic and asked him, “Your schedule is obviously jam packed, but a few years ago, I saw you on the sidelines at one of your daughter’s soccer games.” At this point, his face beamed with happiness and it was clear his children bring him so much joy. I continued to ask, “Parents are so busy it seems, they’re stressed. What advice could you give to encourage parents to make more time for their kids?”

Kobe’s answer was heartfelt and powerful, “Just have fun. Have fun with your children. Time comes and goes so fast and whatever time you have to give to your children, a little bit goes a long way. When I was playing I would get up at four o’clock in the morning to do training just so I could get back to the house to take my kids to school. I would talk to them on the drive.; make sure I would get back to take them to practice. Be there to pick them up. My eldest just graduated eighth grade and I’m thankful for all those times I was able to take them to school and pick them up. It gets difficult sometimes with scheduling conflicts but I think we have to make time.”

I’m sure readers of this blog can agree with Kobe: parenting is not easy. Work, school, sports, and other activities make it even more challenging. However, if Kobe Bryant can make time for his children with his busy schedule, that’s encouraging and inspiring for all the families out there that it is doable. Those are the precious moments that are most important and will last a lifetime.

The last question I asked Kobe was regarding his interest in writing: “I found out of your retirement through your powerful essay, Dear Basketball. Truly inspiring. I’ve also heard you enjoy short stories and love to write. What kind of literary works inspire you and are you thinking of publishing anything new?

“You know I like writing from things that I have personal experience from. So, whether it’s something like Dear Basketball, whether it’s something that’s fictionally based, it all comes from that. With Dear Basketball, I just had this big dream of having Glen Keane (Beauty and the Beast Disney animator) animate it and John Williams compose the music to it and that dream came true. So, you gotta have dreams and pursue them.”

It was a privilege to interview one of my childhood heroes. As the interview wrapped up, I realized, consistent with his entire career on the court, Kobe lives life passionately and with an obsession for only the best. His genuine answers emphasized his sincerity for healthy living, humor, family, and living life with purpose and passion.

I encourage everyone to check out BodyArmor, especially for those of you with kids in sports and looking for healthier hydration options. You can see what’s available at

Andrew Ntzouras (M.Ed) is public school elementary teacher in Orange County. He has also taught at the University level and passionately enjoys writing.


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