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Kristen Bell on Her Role as Anna in Disney ‘Frozen’

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


Kristen Bell before World Premiere of “Frozen.” Image courtesy of Louise from

Kirsten Bell plays her first animated role in the Walt Disney Animated Feature Film, “Frozen.” Bell had always wanted to be in a Disney Animated role since she was just four years old, and after auditioning for “Tangled,” she finally got her childhood dream answered with her role in “Frozen.”


Kristen Bell and John Lasseter at the World Premiere of “Frozen.” Image courtesy of Disney.

“I was eager to get my hands on being a part of a musical again.” Kristen Bell

There is the most beautiful music in the film, and Bell did all of her characters singing in the film. It was the music that enticed Bell to want to play the role, “I studied music in college, and I trained operatically when I was a young girl,” said Bell. She had done a couple of Broadway musicals throughout her career that helped her to prepare for the role of Anna in “Frozen.”


Anna in the film “Frozen” Image courtesy of Disney

“She’s who I felt like I was when I was a kid.” Kristen Bell.

Bell knew exactly who she wanted her character to be in the film before beginning production. “I didn’t want her to have good posture, I didn’t want her to be one of the archetypes that I was used to seeing. I wanted her to be who I wanted to see on the screen when I was little, which is someone who talks too much and too fast. Someone who puts her foot in her mouth, is goofy, but really likes people, and likes being social, and positive.” Bell was able to play a big role in how her character developed through the making of the film. “In my eyes, the beauty of Anna is that she’s so imperfect and embraces all of her imperfections,” said Bell. To help the character become who Bell had imagined, she would ask if she could talk out the scene before recording. The scenes, where Bell role-played is what helped to mold the personality of her character, Anna.


Anna in the film “Frozen” image courtesy of Disney

“I am who I am. And that’s me. And I’m going to love myself. And I don’t care, I don’t care what anyone else had to say about it. And this is the time where I’m going to let it go.” Kristen Bell.

Bells favorite scene in the film is centered around when her characters sister Elsa sings the beautiful song, “Let it Go.” “She’s not the norm, and the movie is about her embracing what makes her different because that is what makes her unique,” said Bell. With Bell being involved in helping with the script, she got to hear all of the personal stories that people brought to the table when creating this scene giving it personal depth and meaning to her. “It’s really important that people accept themselves,” said Bell.

Families will get a chance to learn more about the different layers of love that unfold in the Walt Disney Animated Featured Film “Frozen” on November 27th.

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  1. I love how Kristen put her own personality into Anna, at least as she was as a little girl. She’s such a sweet character! Loved interviewing her with you!

  2. This is my favorite character from the movie

  3. Cool. Calm. Collected Kristen. I could sit and talk to her all day1 Loved her

  4. We also got to interview her at the NY junket. She is absolutely awesome!

  5. Used to love Kristen as Veronica Mars! Can’t wait to take my kids to see this movie! It looks fantastic!

  6. She seems like she is such a nice person, and would be great to meet. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  7. cannot wait to go see this movie tomorrow night with my daughter! I am not familiar with this actress -thanks for sharing!

  8. Super fun! This movie looks cute. I know we will see it! 🙂


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