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Kuan Yin Oracle Message of the Day: Immortal Treasures

You carry within you precious Immortal Treasures, beloved. They exist beyond life and death, belonging to the celestial, heavenly realms of the Divine presence within you. Kuan Yin now guides you to honor these treasures, the gifts of your Soul, which include the ability that you have to transmit healing.

Immortal Treasures

Honor yourself as a Healer beloved. Whether formally or informally, your Soul brings a special healing light to humanity. You have divine support in your role as a healer, in whatever way, usual or highly unusual, that this is unfolding for you now.

Each Soul is unique and precious in its own way. Certain Souls have the light of healing. Yours is one such Soul. Your presence on this planet brings light and hope to others, sometimes in ways that you don’t consciously recognize. Kuan Yin is with you, guiding you to be open to perceiving and utilizing the Immortal Treasures that lay within you, the beautiful light and gifts of your own Divine Soul.

Just remember to take care of yourself too. An empty cup cannot fill another. It is better to allow your inner cup to be spiritually filled, and emotionally and physically replenished through balanced self-care, a bit of indulgence balanced with loving discipline and boundaries that make you feel safe and secure within.

To find the right way to care for yourself, explore what might work for you. It might be yoga and mediation, a little sacred time each day to sit with a crystal or talk from your heart with your Guidance, a health retreat, time in nature, a good book and some time laughing or playing with loved ones. Your healing ability will find new levels of power and strength through exploration of self-care. The Immortal Treasures of the Soul are to be shared with loving respect of your own Self as well as for others.

This oracle can also indicate that it is helpful for you to explore healing of an issue that you have been dealing with and is yet to be resolved. If you have been contemplating visiting a healer or taking a break from a stressful situation, this card supports you in doing so. You might simply need a chance to replenish and withdrawal for a short time may help you meet this need.

You may also benefit, if you feel so inclined, from a healing with another. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to honor your own special light and the need that you might have for receiving healing just for you at this time too. Kuan Yin will help you find your way. The processes below will support you in receiving Her help.

Immortal Treasures Healing

Sit or lie in a peaceful place, preferably with soft music playing and your phone switched off, making sure you are warm enough and then close your eyes. Quietly say, “I give thanks for this healing on all levels of my being through the unconditional love of Kuan Yin. Thank you, beloved. Om Mani Padme Hum.”

Focus on your breath flowing and then see, sense, feel or intend that you are being bathed in an ocean of emerald green light. The ocean of light then becomes royal blue, and then rich purple. When you feel ready, the ocean of light finally becomes gold, surrounding you in spiral patterns of lush golden energy.

Within the spiral of light you become aware of a collection of most magnificent treasures, beautiful and gleaming, radiant with beauty. You realize that these treasures are made of pure light and consciousness dancing into form. Feel the joy in your heart as you perceive the aliveness of those treasures, glowing with beautiful divine fire within. Know that these treasures are expressions for your own Soul and its immortal treasure lying within.

When you are ready, give thanks and open your eyes.

Prayer of the Immortal Treasures

Beloved Kuan Yin, may I feel compassion that you have for me within the depths of my own being. May I have compassion for myself in the same way I do for others. May I accept and meet my needs for wellness and fulfilment. May I receive healing with grace and gratitude. I open now to fully receive, activate and shine forth the Immortal Treasures in my own Divine Soul. Help me, beloved mother, to do this with love, traust and grace. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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