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Kuan Yin Oracle Message of the Day: Sacred River Yangtze

The sacred River Yangtze eternally flows and changes. Just as the river flows and changes course, you too are evolving in your Divine Path. Veils and sheaths that once covered your Soul light are being washed away.

Sacred River Yangtze

Cleansing by sacred water specifically indicates that your emotional life and your life direction are being purified and healed. Changes in the flow of energy within you are in the momentum of your life path unfolding are imminent. This is exciting! You are growing and changing and soon your life circumstances will reflect your inner evolution.

The sacred River Yangtze in which beloved Kuan Yin delights is always subtly changing course, flowing and growing. You, like the Sacred River, are changing too, beloved. Your life direction is going through subtle realignments or even in the midst of a far more obvious change. You are encouraged to trust in the natural unfoldment of this process and to allow it to work its ay through you and your life.

The Sacred River Yangtze is an extension of the intelligent guidance of the Divine Mother, her hand reaching through your Soul and guiding you towards your highest destiny. She helps the Higher Self release any impurities which it now longer need to contain.

In doing so, there can be a period of spiritual release and even physical detoxification. The detox may occur through emotions that surface, inexplicable pains or aches in the body, a feeling of tiredness for no particular reason and a need to rest, or the urge to meditate more, do healing, go for swims in the ocean, attend a yoga class or even change the way you are eating and sleeping.

These are natural intuitive impulses that confirm your Soul is going through a cleansing process as it begins more of its purity into expression on the physical plane.

Kuan Yin speaks as the Soul of the Sacred River Yangtze now and guides you to be kind to yourself during these changes and to honor your inner guidance as your own inner light grows stronger now. Trust the flowing changes of the Sacred River through your life.

You may observe that people are even more attracted to your light during such time and in the period following this shift in your light quotient. You are holding more light in your being and without the old veils covering your inner light, your Soul is able to shine through matter, stronger than ever before.

Some people will be attracted to these changes in you and your relationships will grow and improve. There might be loving and don’t worry about any extra attention you will receive. Your light is not just growing brighter, it is growing stronger too and you will be ready to handle any situation that comes to you with joy, grace and effectiveness. Be kind and patient, stay true to yourself and trust that spiritual growth serves all.

Healing in the Sacred River Yangtze

Imagine that you are standing near a beautiful river composed of light and sound. It shimmers with love, peace and beauty. You just want to be as close to it as you can because it feels so good to be near it. Imagine stepping into the River and allowing rainbows of light and sound to wash through you, cleansing you inside and out. The water is clean and pure, filled with ancient power and majesty.

As you step out of the river, you notice that you are now clothed in a new fresh robe of silk in whatever color feels right for you. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Prayer at the Sacred River Yangtze

Kuan Yin, Divine Ancient River Mother, Sacred Soul of the Yangtze, I receive the spiritual waters of your cleaning and illumination now. Bless my path and my process with your mercy and potency. May I reveal and realize myself in a new way now, without fear or attachment to the past. May I allow the Sacred River to chart my course, carving out my highest divine destiny and path now, of my own free will, so be it. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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