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Family Dining at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

It is one of our family traditions to have dinner at Lake Arrowhead Pizza whenever we visit Lake Arrowhead. The pizza place is packed every night, and the pizza is fantastic.

Dining at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

During our recent visit to the Lake Arrowhead Resort, we walked into the Village to have dinner at Lake Arrowhead Pizza. When we arrived, there was a line out the door. While we waited in line, the kids went into the arcade to play games.

What to order at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

When you first arrive, you order at the counter. The menu features everything from greens to pasta and even burgers. Every time we have dined at Lake Arrowhead Pizza, we order the same thing. Mozzarella sticks and a pepperoni pizza.

We placed our order and found a table to enjoy dinner together as a family. While waiting for our food, the kids talked about all the fun they have had that day exploring Lake Arrowhead. And, my husband and I enjoyed a glass of beer together.

Mozzarella sticks at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

Mozzarella sticks at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

When our dinner arrived, the kid’s mouths were watering, and they couldn’t wait to take the first bite. We started with the mozzarella sticks that featured melted cheese inside of a crispy shell. After being dipped into the pizza places secret sauce, it was pure heaven with every bite.

Pepperoni Pizza at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza at Lake Arrowhead Pizza

Then there was the pizza. If you love pizza, then you’ll love the pizza at this pizza place. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza, and within minutes, it was gone. Our kids devoured every last bite, and then returned to the arcade for more fun.

After enjoying a memorable dinner together as a family, we returned to the Lake Arrowhead Resort for a restful evening. When staying at the Lake Arrowhead Resort with your family, plan on having a fun night out at Lake Arrowhead Pizza. You’ll love the food, the ambiance, and the people.

Learn more about planning an unforgettable family getaway to Lake Arrowhead online.

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