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Landing Your Dream Job Out Of College On The Other Side Of The World

Some of us spend hours scrolling job sites looking for the perfect job. Occasionally graduates are lucky and discover their dream job is on their doorstep, and they can move back home. Others may have to move across the country. But for some of the most specialized jobs or ambitious candidates, the perfect job cannot be found in their home country.

Landing Your Dream Job

For those precious few, immigrating to another country is their best chance of furthering their career after college. If you want to be in that elite group, then here are some top tips on how to secure a job overseas.

Enquire With Honesty

Different countries will have different employment laws. Each country will have particular laws relating to jobs and immigration. If you have found a perfect job, then get in touch with the organization to enquire if they would accept overseas candidates. If the organization cannot accept international candidates for the position then you have to move on. Be open and honest at this stage about where you are applying from. If the employers only discover you live abroad much further down the line, you may have wasted both your time and theirs. It may take the organization some time to research the laws around international applicants so enquire with plenty of time before the application deadline, so they can respond accurately. If they are unsure you can always speak to a dedicated immigration lawyer, who can look at the vacancy and advise on its eligibility for immigrating candidates.

Explain Your Employment History

Look at your C.V and assess whether the brands and companies you have worked for will be internationally recognized. If not, then you may need to go into further detail to explain the company and your role within it. If you are applying for a specialized role, make it clear that you have experience within the industry and draw parallels between the jobs on your C.V. and the position advertised. If this is a graduate position, it may also be useful to explain qualifications by giving equivalences to qualifications in their country too. If qualifications cannot be transferred, make clear the steps you are taking to acquire relevant credentials.


Once you have handed in a top-notch C.V. then you will need to wait to be invited to interview. At the interview stage, you may well be competing with local candidates who know the organization well. Do not let this become a mark against you. Do your research to discover the history of the company and its values. Beyond this, research competitors in the country as well. This knowledge will demonstrate that you understand the industry and where the company is positioned. If you can find comparisons to companies in your home country, use this in your interview to show you understand the organization and its ambition.

If you are offered the job then you will naturally want to jump at the chance. But before you say yes, take a pause and consider if there are any requests you should make. You may need extra holidays to travel back home, or flexibility around start dates to ensure the immigration process is completed in time. Take a moment and consider what you need from them before accepting it. Once you have negotiated the terms of the deal, then you can begin to celebrate and pack your bags.

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