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Latest Eyewear Trends: 2020 Most Popular Frame Styles

For so long people looked at glasses as a necessary evil, with their bulky frames and thick lenses that hide some of our best facial features.

Cool Eyeglasses

Now, we turn to glasses for big, bold fashion statements, or sometimes subtle colors and nuances that complement our face. There are sunglasses, reading glasses, everyday glasses, trendy aviator glasses, and blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the constant plaguing of a screen all day. Whatever the reason there are constantly new styles, colors, and shapes for every season and every reason.

Look no further for the latest eyewear trends in 2020.

Nerdy Chic

Looking to add some attitude without an overstatement? Jazz up your features and match whatever you are wearing with chic clear frames. These new frames look great on any skin tone, eye color, or face shape! For the newest look try the uber-rounded glasses accompanied with the clear lens and frame, for a look that combines studious and sexy all in one.

Sassy and Subtle Aviators

Take the clear frames to the next level and try on some aviators. This classic style adds just the right amount of subtle with great shape and clear frames. Feel confident, and ageless but not overstated with this style, great for the everyday classroom or office, but contains added sass when paired with the perfect leather jacket for a night on the town.

Age-defying Aviators

These frames can’t be minimized into just one category. The perfect combination of badass and suave forms together in this timeless style. No one has ever met a pair of aviator glasses they didn’t like.

Alien Frame

The Kardashians took the world by storm with the ultra-futuristic style vibes that the clan has been putting out over the past few years. From neon spandex, to clear thigh-high boots you won’t miss them in a crowd.

When it comes to glasses this group never disappoints in that department either. The alien frame is a break-off of the 80’s and 90’s super small lens trend. The look of these glasses may or may not cover the whole eye.

Big Eyes

Regardless of the year, since the turn of the century, every year has brought us a newer, trendier version of the biggest lenses. Maybe you have bigger eyes, or a thinner face, whatever it may be patrons keep coming back for more on this “Big Bug Trend.”

The bold, wide, and long framed glasses have yet to go out of style and are maintaining an appetite. The newest style is the square, with some tortoiseshell, or orangey-red and you will be transported straight to sunset blvd with the trendiest of them all.

Square Up

Work smarter, not harder with this look. Square, square, square frames, and thick sides make this look perfect for a great pattern or bold statement color. Whether you are deep in the storyline of a book or wine-ing and dining, these frames are stylish to the max and fit into any social circle.

The Cutest Cat Eye

Everyone has seen the neighboring cat lady with those iconic skinny at the bottom, pointed at the top cat- lady glasses. Sometimes accompanied with studded rhinestones, or the cheapy red frames this style can be a bit of a scare.

Updates to the 2020 trend have provided the cutest cat-eye look. With the still-noticeable point to the edge of the frame, this trend rounds out the side to blend perfectly into the bottom of the frame with a strong angular look.

This subtle cat-eye frame creates more lense space, helping us see the beautiful eyes behind it. A gorgeous subtle style that still screams unique but not so much crazy cat lady next door.

Whether it’s a bold wide frame, or maybe a seamless lens to frame combination so many big, bold, styles are on the scene. The world of glasses has evolved into such an experience of self-expression that no matter the year, glasses reflect the person wearing them.

Confidence is the trendiest style, any frame or lens can match any person with the right amount of gumption and self-love. Explore a little deeper this year and go for the widest or smallest glasses, add in an interesting color like dusted pink, muted tortoiseshell, or deep gray.

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