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Leading The Way As An IT Manager

When you are managing a business that has between 50 and 250 members, this is a lot of people that could potentially give a cybercriminal entry to your company’s network. This is important to keep in mind because insider attacks are the most common form of a security breach today. Although these can be because of a malicious employee, in most instances, it is simply that the employee in question has made a mistake without realizing it, and this has given someone unauthorized access to your systems. This highlights why security needs to be a major part of what you do if you are going to be an effective IT manager.

There are lots of different elements associated with this. Firstly, you need to look at the technological side of things. You need to make sure that you invest in cyber security systems that are right for your company. You may want to consider investing in the services of a penetration tester or an ethical hacker. This is someone who will hack into your system. However, rather than doing so for malicious reasons, they do this purely so they can determine any vulnerabilities in your system so that you can patch them up before a real hacker exposes them. This is a good way to get to the bottom of how effective your cyber security defenses are at the moment. From network segregation to firewalls, there are so many different security processes and products available today and the mixture of approaches you use will all depend on the nature of your business and the sort of information that you handle. Of course, when you are driving your efforts, you may also want to consider an online leadership degree so that you can drive the project effectively. 

Having an effective maintenance plan is also critical when it comes to cyber security and also the efficiency of your team and organization. You should put together a schedule so that you know when you need to carry out critical maintenance on any of your servers or any other tech that you have at your business. You also need to make sure that your systems are updated whenever there has been a new version of one of your software programs released. Updating your software is one of the most basic forms of cyber security. After all, new releases tend to come with security patches, which indicates that the old versions are no longer effective in terms of keeping cyber security criminals out, and this is why you need to update your systems as soon as possible. You should also familiarise yourself with any legislation or frameworks that are applicable to your business, for example, PCI DSS, which is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If you take card payments at your business, you will need to adhere to the 12 steps that are outlined in this standard.

Another essential part of the security process at your business is to make sure you educate your employees. Hosting training sessions whereby you advise people on how to develop strong passwords, how to spot phishing emails, and so on, can really help to keep the integrity of your business. You may also want to look into sending out weekly security members to everyone at your business, including people not in the IT department, giving them weekly tips on how to protect themselves when using work computers or their own devices to access work-related content. 


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