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Lego Friends Heartlake City is Now Open at Legoland!

We attended as a guest of LegoLand


Have you heard the exciting news? Lego Friends Heartlake City is now open at Legoland California Resort!

Now for those of you who have a daughter like mine, you have a love/hate relationship with “the Friends”.  I love them because my daughter has created so many amazing little town buildings and has worked her fine motor skills and mind, but hate them because everywhere I step I find a Friend air bow or brush the size of a fingernail.


They are the cutest toys ever and it’s really not their fault that my daughter loves to leave them all over the house, that being said I don’t really hate them, I just wish they would magically pick themselves up.  Last month my family and I ventured to Legoland for a fun day at the park.  As we were walking towards Fun City, I literally ran into a wall concealing the future location of Lego Friends Heartlake City!


I was so excited but immediately started to figure out a way to get my husband to drive down for the opening.  Luckily I have a little girl who saw the sign and exclaimed, please daddy we need to come please which sealed the deal!!! Flash forward to May 21, my daughter had been asking everyday if today was the day for nearly 4 weeks; seriously how can someone so little be so persistent?


 As we walked into the park my daughter screamed I see my friends.  Yup my daughter is on a first name very personal basis with Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma.


Her “friends” were life-sized Lego creations and very cool looking.  If you have the Friends you can totally see how precise the Lego figures are to the toys.  Once we snapped a picture I was guided by my daughter to the direction of Heartlake City. As soon as you walk through the entrance to the city, you become transported into the actual Lego town.


As my eyes scanned the city, I saw the stage, the stables and stores that my daughter and I had built together.  It was so surreal and felt like I was shrunken down to a friends size and was somehow roaming the Lego city that we built.  Immediately my daughter ran into the Heartlake City Boutique.


She was so excited and was exclaiming mommy we built this together!  Based on the Heartlake Mall Lego building set, Heartlake City Boutique is where you should shop for all your Lego Friends toys and products.   They have so many more items that the actual Lego store so make sure to stop in and but your special girl a special item.


I finally was able to get my daughter out of the store and to the Heartlake Fountain which is a large heart-shaped fountain in the center of Heartlake City.  Guests can splash and play but unfortunately this mama forgot to pack some extra clothes, a major party foul for sure!


To avoid my daughters glares and looks of disappointment, I pulled the “hey look over there” moving her in the direction of the Heartlake Stables.


The stables are straight out of the Lego Stables toy set with carrots, horses and so much more.


Inside of this shaded stable area, guests can enjoy creating their own Lego masterpieces while parents sit back and rest. Legos are in bins, buckets and wheel barrels.  There are so many Legos that even in full capacity kids will be able to create without feeling snubbed.



Right next to the stables is Mia’s Riding Camp; a huge carousel features 60 horses and jeeps.


Guests can experience riding on a Lego horse from the toy set or on a jeep, side note the jeep and certain horses are stationary, make sure to ask your guide if you want a stationary horse.



Once off the horses we heard music from Friends Forever Stage (yet another creation my daughter and I made together).


Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma perform their “Lego Friends to the Rescue” show live on stage.



The show duration is about 15 minutes and right after the show a few of the Friends come out for a meet and greet.  A lot of the guests were singing along to the songs.


I found out later that Lego Friends have a popular cartoon series that many of the “in” kids knew about.


While my daughter was dancing about I noticed a yummy smell coming from side of the stage.  Further investigation revealed that the City Park Crêperie was open and preparing their signature crepes: powdered sugar, Nutella, Nutella and bananas, and berries. Make sure to stop buy and satisfy your sweet tooth while the kids enjoy their special time at Heartlake City.


For more information about Heartlake City, Lego Friends or to buy tickets, please visit their website at

I’m an OC mom of two and photographer. I love living in Southern California and want to expose my children to all that it offers. I love taking my kids on adventures and capturing their every moment so much so that my kids find it odd if I don’t take their pictures. You can see my work on
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