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Legoland California Holiday Ice Rink

We visited as a guest of Legoland
legoland Ice Rink 3

The holidays are brighter this year at Legoland California with the addition of their all-new outdoor holiday ice rink. The lego themed ice rink is located outside of the Legoland gates in-between the ticket plaza and The Legoland Hotel providing holiday fun for the entire family.

legoland Ice Rink 8

There are six daily 90-minute ice skating sessions (except on December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, and 17 when Legoland is closed, and only four daily sessions will be available). Guest must be over the age of three years, and tickets are priced starting at $20. Tickets include skate rentals, helmets, and unlimited fun.

legoland Ice Rink 5

legoland Ice Rink 4


After skating, cozy up with your family in front of the outdoor fire pit while roasting toasty-sweet marshmallows over an open fire. Your kids can savor the flavors of the rich chocolate and melted marshmallow inside of a crisp graham cracker after creating unforgettable memories on the ice. (S’mores kits are an additional fee)

legoland Ice Rink 2

Plan a full-day to ice skate and experience the holiday snow days at Legoland with their special ticket package. Starting at $90 you’ll receive a one-day park hopper ticket to be used at Legoland California, Sea Life Aquarium and includes an ice skating session. Plus, as their gift to you, you’ll be gifted a complimentary ticket to return between January 5, 2015 through March 1, 2015. The special is only available until January 4, 2015.


For safety purposes Legoland recommends having your kids wear long pants and gloves.

legoland Ice Rink 1

Your kid’s pants can get wet so if you’re planning a day inside of Legoland or Sea Life Aquarium after skating you’ll want to bring a change of clothes for your kids.

It can get warm under the Southern California sun, so bring sunscreen and bottled water to keep your kids hydrated.

legoland Ice Rink 7

For beginner skaters and younger children they have seal-shaped skate aids available for rental to help make the experience more enjoyable for inexperienced skaters (children still need to wear ice skates if sitting on the skate aid).

legoland Ice Rink 6

When planning to ice skate and not visit Legoland, avoid the $15 parking fee by ice skating during one of the dates when Legoland is closed. Legoland will be closed on December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, and 17th. There will only be four ice skating sessions vs. six on these select dates.

Save time at the ticket booth by completing the consent form online in advance.


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  1. Seems ridiculous that this would be another expense. 5 of us in the family are Merlin members, and now we need to pay over $100 to skate? Of course the kids would want to do it as they see it right in front of the park…and charging more for the stupid seal skate aid is beyond ridiculous.


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