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LEGOLAND’s Brick-or-Treat isn’t Just for Toddlers

We visited as a guest of the venue

I have been taking my kids to LEGOLAND for Brick-or-Treat since they were toddlers. I always thought that once my kids became teenagers that they would no longer have an interest in LEGOLAND, but I was wrong.

This past weekend, we had a family staycation in Carlsbad, and I had just planned on taking my younger son to Brick-or-Treat, but once my 15-year-old and 13-year-old heard where we were going, they insisted that they come along for the fun.

When my two teenagers expressed interest in spending the day at LEGOLAND, I immediately got them tickets and pulled some costumes together for them to join the fun. My teens were overwhelmed with excitement and kept talking about all the rides they were going to go on while on our way to LEGOLAND.

The minute that we walked into LEGOLAND, all of my kids were smiling, giggling, and thrilled to be celebrating Halloween at LEGOLAND. We started the evening by taking a bunch of pictures including my favorite photo opportunity where the kids can stand inside of a giant LEGO pumpkin!

Once we were done taking pictures, it was time for the trick-or-treating to begin. The kids collected candy at the different candy stations located throughout the park. We were provided with a map to help us find all the candy stations easily.

After the kids collected their candy, it was time for some rides. My teenager’s favorite rides in LEGOLAND is Captain Cranky’s Challenge, Coasterasaurus, Driving School, Knight’s Tournament, and LEGO Technic Coaster. The went on all these rides over and over again until it was time for the park to close.

At the end of the night, all my kids asked if they could come back next year for more Brick-or-Treat fun at LEGOLAND. If you have teenagers, I guarantee that they will have just as much fun as your toddlers during Brick-or-Treat at LEGOLAND. There is still one more night left to experience Brick-or-Treat this year on October 28th! Brick-or-Treat is a special event and admission can be purchased for as low as $49 if purchased online in advance.

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