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Ultimate Leprechaun Trap: The Leprechaun Playground


When I woke-up this morning with a 102 degree fever. I chugged down some Tylenol, and got busy on creating a fun Leprechaun trap with my son Tyler this afternoon. What I thought was going to be a ton of work, ended up being one of the best bonding experiences together. I made a quick stop at Walmart before getting him from Kindergarten planning to make a simple “Pinterest inspired” trap. Well, he had other plans in mind when telling me his vision on the car ride home. I was inspired by his imagination that I turned around, for another Walmart stop to get the supplies he needed to make the leprechaun trap he had envisioned.

Four glue gunned burned fingers, a little spray paint in the hair, and we were done!


He wanted a train, not the $10 Walmart train but one that would move. His original plan was to have the leprechaun board the train before getting caught in the golden tunnel. I ruined those hopes when accidentally opening both ends of the soup can before covering it in spray paint.


We first made the rainbow tunnel. It was easy to make by twisting rainbow pipe cleaners together and using a little tissue paper for the clouds.


Next the kids ran around the neighborhood cutting leaves for the ground. We slowly glued leaves all around what would soon be called our leprechaun playground.


Even Thomas got a spray paint job (and maybe the dogs tail too). While working on the “trap,” Tyler had second thoughts about capturing the leprechaun. He started to get concerned that he might get hurt in the trap, so we decided to make a playground for him instead. A place for a leprechaun to play and have fun.


Since it was a homework assignment to make a “trap” we made a last minute alternation making a swimming pool filled with what the leprechaun might think is gold. (shhh!)


Our final plan was that if the leprechaun gets all hot and sweaty from playing on the playground, he might want to cool-off in the swimming pool (aka. the trap).

We worked together for the rest of the evening making the ultimate leprechaun playground – the perfect way to trap a leprechaun.


Only time will tell if we will successfully trap the leprechaun on Sunday..stay tuned for the news!


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  1. Busy creating happy memories

  2. Hi there, my name is Peter, I don’t live in Ireland but my ancestors did. I’m becoming a Leprechaun expert these days. I’ve also made funny animated GIFs about leprechauns like this one: I hope ya like it. BTW, nice leprechaun trap! If you have trouble catching them please contact me, I’m an experienced leprechaun catcher!

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