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Let’s Change the World with Club Penguin Coins for Change

The holidays are a time for giving. A time for encouraging children to make a difference, and give back to others. Club Penguin is helping to empower children to make a difference in the world this year with their annual Coins for Change campaign.


Happening right now on Club Penguin through January 1st, children can donate virtual coins the they earn while playing games on Club Penguin to give back. Club Penguin will donate $1 million USD from Club Penguin on behalf of the children who donate their virtual coins to ten real-world projects. Club Penguin has already donated $10 million USD to charities all over the world!


Players will be able to donate their coins in order to fund projects that matter to them, such as:

  • Toys and warm coats for kids in the United States
  • A Clean water project for a community in Ecuador
  • Club Penguin hospital packages for kids around the world
  • Penguin nesting grounds in Argentina
  • Andean Cat and Golden Woolly Monkey habitat protection in Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.
  • The construction of an elementary school and education support programs for women and children in Africa
  • Painted dog and lion habitat protection
  • Protected areas for the snow leopard and saiga antelope
  • Ten new libraries in Ethiopia and five reading spaces for kids in India
  • New hospital wing to keep babies and mothers healthy in Malawi


Through Coins for Change, Club Penguin is also encouraging players to make a difference in their local communities this holiday season. When visiting the Coins for Change landing page (, players can learn how to donate to their local Toys for Tots organization. Additionally, they can join players from around the world and pledge a certain number of toys that they’ll donate to their community during the holidays.


As a result of the generous in-world contributions kids have made to Coins for Change over the years, Club Penguin has already helped an excess of one million people in more than 42 countries by funding projects such as:

  • 22 schools built for over 20,000 children
  • 40 school libraries built for over 50,000 children
  • 33 playgrounds for over 85,000 children
  • 35 clean water projects for over 55,000 children & families
  • Youth engagement & education programs around the world for over 1,000,000 children & families

Sign-up for an account with your children or begin playing with them today on Club Penguin, and help make a difference in the world this holiday season.

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