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Let’s Talk Dog Days with The Cast of the Film

We attended the interview as a guest of the studio

Dog Days is the new comedy of the summer that I can guarantee will have you laughing, crying and utterly loving every minute of the film. Part of the reason that the movie is so well made and hilarious is the fantastic cast that were in the movie. I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the cast members about their individual experiences while working on the film. From the moment the cast stepped into the room, they were cracking jokes and making everyone in the room laugh.

The first question of the interview was if any of the cast members developed a higher level of love for dogs than they had before creating the movie. Tone Bell who plays “Jimmy” in the film answered with, “I would probably say — I mean I don’t have a dog– but I definitely felt more love with the furry friends through the process and then before.” The director Ken Marino continued to express his love for dogs by telling us, “I mean for me I’ve always been sort of a die-hard dog lover, so nothing changed.”

The cast also told us about some of the funny struggles that were had when working with the furry animals, since dogs could not read scripts like humans. Vanessa Hudgens who portrays the role of “Tara” answered with, “Not being distracted and wanting to cuddle them all day – They are just so cute and so well behaved and so smart.” Adam Pally (who plays the role of “Dax” also answered by saying, “And also dog breath.” Everyone in the room broke out into laughter after hearing his response.

Getting more into the purpose of the film a question was asked about the importance of having the film be directed as a family-friendly film. “I mean right now the world is a crazy place…and this movie came along and I just really liked all the relationships and then as we said earlier. I’m a big dog lover and my kids. We have two rescues at home, and so I just thought it was a good time to do it. I feel like right now it’s important to have movies where you can bring your whole family and escape the madness out there and watch a movie that’s funny, and maybe it’ll make you cry once or twice and the fact that it’s for adults and kids,” says director Ken Marino.

We ended with the question of how the actors and actresses got involved with the movie and their own personal stories. Adam Pally, Tone Bell, and Eva Longoria all said they got involved because of Ken and how Ken thought they would make for a perfect role in the film. Vanessa Hudgens said something a little bit different, “I read the script, and I thought it was so sweet I felt the same way about the world being a crazy place, and everyone needs a good laugh and a place where the whole family can go and enjoy something together, and I loved the character.”

There were so many questions still to be asked of the cast, but our time had ended, and they were all off to spend time with their families and pets. The biggest takeaway from my time with the cast is that they are all just as hilarious in real life as they are in the film. Don’t miss seeing Dog Days in theaters tomorrow, August 8th.

Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is an integrated arts student at the Orange County School of the Arts by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people. Read her column here
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