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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Lhooq Bookstore in Carlsbad

The Front of Lhooq Bookstore

My kids love to read. It is their favorite thing to spend their free time doing. When I took my two older kids to Carlsbad for a weekend getaway, I couldn’t wait to surprise them by taking them to a real bookstore. Not the commercial type of bookstore that they are used to visiting, but the kind of bookstore that were abundant when I was a child.

Mural at Lhooq Bookstore

When we arrived at Lhooq Bookstore, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The bookstore is adorned with big beautiful murals and filled with thousands of classic and antique books. My older son spent hours looking at each book in the store, carefully selecting the books that he wanted to bring home. The owner of the bookstore was so knowledgeable, and spent time talking to my children about the types of books they enjoy reading, and helped them with finding the perfect books.

Lhooq Bookstore in Carlsbad

Children looking for books at Lhooq Bookstore

While my kids were spending time looking at all the books in the bookstore, I purchased a latte and enjoyed every sip while sitting on the outdoor patio. While I was drinking my coffee on the patio, children were playing a game of chess and others looking at books on the outdoor book shelves. The patio at Lhooq Bookstore is a great place for people in the community who love to read can come together and spend time in an enriching environment.

Free Library at Lhooq Bookstore

Books inside of Lhooq Bookstore in Carlsbad

In the front of the bookstore are shelves filled with books where guests are invited to give a book, and then take a book. It is a perfect place to encourage children to pass on their beloved books to other children to enjoy reading. I recommend collecting books from home and bringing them to Lhooq so that your children can take home new books to read.

The patio at Lhooq Bookstore

Lhooq Bookstore in Carlsbad

Lhooq Bookstore is a must to visit with your children in Carlsbad. Parking is limited in front of the bookstore, so you might have to park a couple of blocks away and then walk to the bookstore. It is located at 755 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

Books inside of Lhooq Bookstore

Antique books at Lhooq Bookstore

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