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How To Lift Confidence and Feel More Beautiful

Many women wish they could be more beautiful, and the fact they do not perceive themselves in the way they would like makes them feel depressed. But feeling beautiful is not only determined by your outward physical appearance. Beauty, to turn a phrase, is much deeper than that. The way you feel about the way you look has far more to do with your mental health than about what you see in the mirror. Having a strong sense of self-confidence means you are happy or content with how you look for one. Being negative means all you see are faults and flaws, not the real you everyone else sees. So, self-confidence and feeling beautiful are inextricably linked. By boosting your levels of self-confidence, you can actually make yourself appear more beautiful outwardly as well as inwardly. The mind controls the body in a strong, deep, and powerful way. So that means if you want to feel more beautiful, you need to work on your confidence and build yourself up from within. It is only by careful control of your thoughts that you can slip into more positive mindsets.

Control Your Thoughts

If you want to develop your levels of self-confidence, you have to be able to control what you think about. You may wonder what on Earth your thoughts have to do about your appearance, and you’ll be surprised to learn that they mean an awful lot. First of all, thoughts trigger emotions, and emotions determine how we feel. This reflects on our mood. Moody people, on the whole, are far less attractive than others, even if they are actually stunningly beautiful. Someone who is not so beautiful but has a sunny disposition will attract more attention. This means that your thoughts are instrumental to how we appear in the world. If you constantly look at the negatives and always point out your own flaws, they become all you can see. You have, in effect, magnified a problem that most other people are oblivious to. You need to swap negative thinking patterns to positive thinking patterns, and over time you will become happier and more self-confident. There are many ways you can do this, but one tried and tested method is by becoming more mindful of your thoughts. If you can master mindfulness techniques, you will have better control over your thoughts. You will become aware of your negative thought patterns, and only by becoming aware are you actually able to do something about them.

Allow Yourself Time to Indulge

It does not matter how busy a Mom you are, you have got to take some valuable time out. If going out for a Spa day, for example, is simply out of the question, why not relax for an hour or so in the bath. Ensure that the kids are with their father, so there is no reason you must be interrupted. Get some relaxing bath salts and maybe turn on some healing and relaxing music. Allow the music to transport you away from the hustle and bustle and, for that hour, let your mind wander away from the stresses and strain of your everyday life. You could also indulge by buying that cake or bottle of wine you always wanted to try. In the evening, send the kids to bed early and retrieve the cake you have been hiding. You could also indulge by going for long stress-free walks in the evening when you have a free hour. There are so many ways you can indulge yourself, and don’t underestimate the benefits of finding time to do this. First, you will be preventing burnout, which can have a devastating effect on your mental health and the mental health of those around you when it happens. By allowing yourself that freedom, you will increase your own level of self-worth and confidence, and the happier and more valued you, the more beautiful you will look. Remember, you are a woman first and a mother second. You need to look after yourself, and only by looking after yourself can you be the best Mom you can be. 

Take Care of Your Looks

If you want to be more beautiful, then this really is a no-brainer. However, despite this being true, how many women lack self-confidence and want to feel more beautiful but don’t take care of their appearance? Well, if this is you, then you need to take note. Looks ate certainly not everything when it comes to attraction, but if you are trying to build your levels of self-confidence, you really should start with something easy to manipulate or change. Go to the hair salon and get that cut and color you always wanted and needed. Then you should buy shampoos for color treated hair. Hiding all that grey or just a natural hair color you don’t like to something new and beautiful will make you feel so much better. You could also do a little research into your skin type and ensure you are buying the right moisturizer for your skin. So many people are not using the right moisturizer and are actually causing more harm than good. Also, why not have a make-over and see what new make-up can do for your confidence about how you look. Perhaps you use make-up that does nothing for the way you look, and a new technique will really bring out your eyes, for example. Until you actually feel beautiful naturally, it is perfectly acceptable to fake it with loads of make-up if that makes you feel better. Alternatively, sometimes all it takes is a little lippy here and there to add that bit of glam you may be after and feel a lot more glamorous.


Yes, exercise makes the list as it is a very important factor in controlling your overall mood and raising your sense of well-being. Exercise is one of the best ways to get the blood pumping, which removes toxins from the skin and makes it appear more radiant. It also sends endorphins rushing around your body and into the brain, and these little chemical compounds can drastically improve your mood. Not only that but exercise is great for keeping stress at bay too. Also, if you have some aggression in you, finding ways to release it is a must. Perhaps finding a kickboxing class could really whet your appetite. Exercise can also make you look better by going up and reducing those inches. You will feel fitter and stronger, and you will have a better immune system too. All that means you will have more self-confidence, and that makes you feel more beautiful.


Sleep the much-underrated medicine. We have all heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’ but did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep then this can have a massive effect on your overall health. It has the power to cause a whole range of health problems, from affecting your heart to lowering your immune system. It also affects your mood in very negative ways. Not sleeping enough can actually make you feel burnt out all the time, and you will feel depressed as a result. It can even trigger suicidal thoughts. That means that sleep is actually vital to your overall sense of well-being.  Sleeping well is not only a way to make you look more beautiful, but it can also stave off a lot of illnesses, and that makes it an absolutely vital remedy for everyone.   

Find a Passion

We hinted at this earlier when we suggested that you should maybe do some kickboxing if you have some pent-up aggression. But finding a passion or a hobby of any kind can help you build up your levels of self-esteem and confidence. By fully engrossing yourself in some kind of artistic or physical pursuit, you are able to disappear into a sort of flow state. When you enter this state, the world around you simply melts away, and there is nothing left but you and your work. This means that engrossing in a hobby can be similar to falling into a meditative state. There are so many benefits to this sort of pursuit. You will gain a new perspective on life itself as you will be focusing on something worthwhile and creating in the process. You will develop better stress management skills while developing better ways of dealing with stress. If you work at your passion and become better at it, you will feel better. You will be achieving something that perhaps you have wanted to do for your whole life. It may actually even mean that you get out and meet new like-minded people. No matter what your passion, even if it is reading books, you can join a book club and discuss characters and themes. By finding something you can identify with, you can get out of your head, and the more you can escape your negative mindsets, the more you can train your brain to think better and differently. This will improve your confidence, and therefore you will feel more accomplished, rounded as a person and more beautiful.


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