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What it’s Like to Visit a Live Taping of Mistresses

We attended as a guest of Disney

Have you ever wondered what it is like to visit a live set for a television show? Who hasn’t?

Last week, we gave you a behind the scenes look of the set of the ABC Television Network hit show, Mistresses. After we had visited the on-lot set of the show Mistresses, I jumped into a large black van, and headed to a secret location where they were filming an episode of the show.


The black van pulled into a regular neighborhood in Los Angeles where the streets were filled with parked vans and film equipment loaded on the driveway of a home. “This couldn’t be where they film the show?,” I said to myself. I would never had imagined that the show was being filmed in a private residence in a Los Angeles home community.


As we walked to the front of the beautiful home, Jes Macallan & Justin Hartley came out on the porch to give us a warm welcome. They seemed to enjoy a break from filming, and took time to talk to us about what it is like being on the hit series, Mistresses. “It’s like a dream come true,” said Macallan.


After meeting the two actors, they went into the home to finish working on their scene. We were guided in small groups into the garage where we were able to watch the scene be filmed through a small television in the garage. Inside of the home, the house was filled with actors and extras taping small sections of the scene while we watched from a distance on the small television.


We got an opportunity to talk with some of the crew who were working on the show that told us about how they acquire a home to film the show. They have scouts that drive around local neighborhoods to find homes to film the show. Once they find the perfect house, they lease the home from the family for the time needed to film the show. In this instance, they had also leased the neighboring home to be used for hair, makeup, wardrobe, and a place for the actors to rest in-between scenes.

It was a surreal experience to see how a television show is filmed from the other side of the screen. Don’t miss seeing the second episode of Mistresses tonight on the ABC Television Network at 10pm.

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