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A Little Christmas Dream Come True for Mackenzie Foy in Disney’s The Nutcracker

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

Before having the unforgettable experience of talking with Misty Copeland before walking down the red carpet of Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, I had an opportunity to talk with the talented actress, Mackenzie Foy about her part in the film.

Foy started out by sharing with us that her favorite Disney film is Cinderella, and the entire group of mom’s in the room let out an awe. Foy then continued to share that it was really fun to play a classic holiday character in a Disney feature film. “What is beautiful about The Nutcracker is that it is such a beloved story for many years. It is really fun to play a character that people from all over the world can relate too and have this childhood connection,” said Foy.

One of my favorite things about the film are the costumes. We had an opportunity to ask Foy which costume was her favorite, and she continued to say that she wore quite a few costumes in the film, and they were all handmade and very intricate. “I really love the purple party dress. That one has a bustle, which was really fun. I actually have a couple of bustles in the film. There is a lot of detail that went into the costume design, from the tights to the shoes to the many skirt layers,” said Foy.

Foy delivers an incredible performance in the film, and we were all curious on how Disney found her talents. The audition process for her was quite long, about two months. “It isn’t really long, but more than usual,” said Foy. She did self tapes and then they brought her out to London for a screen test where they had her audition with full costume, makeup and hair. “They flew me out twice, which was really fun. I didn’t have too many details about the character when I got my first audition. I just knew that it was going to be a British character, and that immediately peaked my interest. Went I went further into the audition process, I learned more about what the story and character was about,” said Foy.

Photo Credit: Coralie Hughes Seright /

She continued to shared with us that it was really exciting and the moment that she learned that she got the part as Clara in the film. “I was in the shower doing my hair when my mom ran in and told me that the director was on the phone. I put a towel on and answered. When I got on the phone he said, ‘will you be our Clara?’ and I was like ‘oh my goodness…yes,'” said Foy.

Foy has played many roles over her career and we were curious to see what challenges she was faced with her role in this film. She shared with us how important it is for her to do research on her character to properly recreate them. She continued to say, “This is my character, and her story, so I had to make sure that everything was in line, and know where she was going. With the bigger part, you have to go more into detail, especially with how they relate to every character in the film.”

A fun fact about the film is that they filmed it during the holiday season to help with their actors being in character. Jayden Fowora-Knight (Phillip) and her were always getting into mischief. There was some competition between the departments to see who could decorate their trailers the best for the holidays, and Foy told us that everyone went all out. Even Jayden and her (who shared a school trailer) tried to outdo each other in their homeschool trailer. “He will say that he won, but I had a little Christmas dream,” said Foy.

Before seeing the film, I had expected it to be similar to what I have seen on the stage every holiday season, but this film is based on the book (not the ballet) of The Nutcracker. It was a beautiful surprise, and I learned something new about The Nutcracker after seeing the movie. Since Copeland is the only one to dance in the film, Foy did not. She did share that she did a lot of stunts and horse training for the film.

When it came to working with Morgan Freeman, she said, “He is very joyous and has a fun sense of humor. It was really fun getting to know him, talk to him, and seeing what he is like.”

“The film really captures the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season” Mackenzie Foy

Don’t miss seeing Mackenzie Foy’s amazing performance at Clara in Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms in theaters now! Learn more about The Nutcracker and the Four Realms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share your love for the film by using the hashtag #DisneysTheNutcracker.

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