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Long Beach Comic Con: Bringing out your inner geek


We live in such an amazing time for comic book geeks.  Growing up in the 80’s if you were seen in a comic book store you were called all sorts of names but now you can wear your inner geek on your sleeve and shirt with pride.


I started collecting comics when I was 8 but once I hit my teens my focus went to boys.  It wasn’t until I had my son that my love of comic resurfaced.  My son and I like go to comic book stores and browse through the thousands of comics and chat it up with other comic enthusiasts.


For years my son has asked to go to the SD Comic Con but unfortunately tickets sell out in minutes.  Our hopes to attention a comic convention were almost completely shattered until The Long Beach Comic Convention saved the day.


Being that we are in the OC Bubble it’s almost impossible to know about events outside of Orange County unless you research it, stumble upon it or have a friend who knows about it.  Luckily for me, OC Mom, Shelby knows all and mentioned it to me in passing.  Three days later my car filled with comic geeks headed up to Long Beach for our first ever comic con.


For two weekends out of the year (once in spring and once in fall), fans swarm the streets of Downtown Long Beach as the Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) rolls in.  We got to the LBCC right at opening and were able to find parking immediately.  I have to say I love going to events earlier than later before the crowds come so that I can get some amazing pictures as well as first dibs on merchandise.


The convention center also has two restaurants so that you can spend all day there to visit all the panels and take in all that the convention has to offer.   LBCC started in October 2009 and focuses on the creators in the comic book and animation industries.


The shows at this convention are first and foremost shows for comics and their readers.


Even if you aren’t into reading comics, it’s a great way of learning about comics and being inspired by the culture. From the minute you walk into the center, you can feel the celebration of comic books and pop culture.


Rows and rows of comics and memorabilia, showcasing the exceptional works of talented writers, artists, illustrators and creators of all types of pop culture.


 At the LBCC, you’ll find exhibitors promoting and selling all types of related products, as well as entertaining and educational programs for all ages, guest signings and meet & greet sessions with celebrities.


Not all vendors accept credit cards so I recommend bringing cash on top of card and expect to buy a lot of items at amazing prices.


The thing that shocked me the most about the LBCC was the kindness and humility that I experienced.  The convention began with a moment of silence for the beloved Leonard Nimoy, who had passed days early.


The crowd united by raising their hands up in the air for a final Vulcan salute.


Some of the artists who really struck me with their kindness were Debbie Lynn Smith of Kymera Press and artist Mike Choi.  Debbie, a former tv show writer, runs one of the few woman-owned comic book publishers in the industry.  With a beautiful smile and amazing talent this lady has created a company showcasing talented female writers and artist.  Please check out their work at  


Mike Choi was another stand out person at the convention.  My son loves to draw and as we were admiring Mikes work, he start chatting up my son.  By the end of their conversation, Mike had made a giant fan out of my son.  


To inspire my son’s love of drawing, Mike gave him an original piece and told him that he should never give up his dreams.  To see some of Mike Choi’s incredible work, please visit his website at


 Make sure to mark your calendars because The Long Beach Comic Con will be back the weekend of September 12 & 13.  For more information or to buy tickets, please check out their website


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  1. You should try going to Wonder Con @the Anaheim Convention Center. Tickets don’t sell out as fast as SDCC. You also enjoy the Disney Convention, D23 Expo, also @the Anaheim Convention Center. Go to to find a comic convention near you!

    • We already have our tickets to D23 and are very excited!!! Thanks for the heads up about Wonder Con I will google it right now.

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