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How To Look After Your Own Health When You Are a Busy Working Mom

When you are a mom you are so busy taking care of the rest of the family that you most likely put your own well being as a low priority. However it is important to look after your own physical and mental health so that you are in tip-top shape to look after your family. After all, they are reliant on you to look after them, so anything you can do to ensure you are taking care of yourself will certainly be beneficial. Here are some examples of how you can take care of your own health so that you are fighting fit to face another day as a busy mom. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep 

It’s so important to get enough sleep as this will help you get through the working day and you will feel much more refreshed. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body to recuperate and be ready to face another day. A lack of good quality sleep will make you feel restless, irritable and have difficulty concentrating on any given tasks. So you want to try and incorporate more relaxing routines at night to help you drift off to sleep more easily. 

You want to try and avoid stimulants such as scrolling through your cell phone, watching tv in your bedroom, having caffeine or answering work related emails directly. Instead the focus should be on creating a relaxing atmosphere where you are not understanding a task that requires you to think. Things like reading or listening to music can be useful ways to encourage relaxation. So if you notice that you are not currently getting enough sleep then you should definitely try to improve your night time routine. 


Eat a Balanced Diet 

What you eat on a daily basis really makes a difference to your mood and overall health. Ideally you want to be eating a balanced diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it requires to function. The best way to incorporate this into your diet is to include grains, dairy, protein rich foods, and vegetables. This will help to ensure that your body can get all the nutrients it needs so that it can keep your immune system strong against infection, maintain energy levels, and keep a healthy weight. 

The best way to try and incorporate this into your busy routine is to make healthy but quick family meals, so that you are not spending hours in the kitchen each night. Preparing your own lunchbox for the following day, just like you would do with the kids, and watching what you eat in terms of unhealthy, processed foods will definitely help to achieve this. So just small changes can make a difference in your routine if you feel your current food habits are not too healthy. You want to set a good example to your kids as well, so it will benefit them just as much as yourself if you cook the same healthy family meals. 

Take Additional Supplements

With the wide variety of vitamins and supplements that exist in the supermarket stores, there are certainly not a lack of options to choose from. This allows you to top up on any vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking or not getting the full amount with your diet. Having a look to see what is suitable for your own diet will enable you to choose the correct supplement. If you want to boost your immune system for example, you could read up about what are chaga mushrooms? and how best to take them. This will enable you to gain the most benefit from it. Additional dietary supplements are a good way to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs when you can’t always obtain everything from food. 


Be Active and Get Some Exercise 

You might spend a lot of time running around looking after your kids, but you also want to try and include some exercise into your routine when you can. This could be things like a brisk walk, a run around the block, doing an intense home workout for 10 minutes or running up and down the stairs. Any small and quick routines that you can easily add into your routine will be useful so that you are getting your limbs moving and heart racing. 

With the variety of free online fitness videos that there are on social media it is a lot easier to find a fitness routine that is suitable for your level and can easily be done at home. You might not necessarily have time to travel to a local gym when you can easily do a workout from home and then continue on with your day. 

Learn a New Sport For Fun  

If you find you lack the enthusiasm to exercise on your own then you could always join a fitness class or take up a new sport as a hobby. It will enable you to get some much needed exercise, learn a new skill and also make new friends. So this would certainly allow you to switch off from your daily mom duties and work related stress. 

Separate Work From Home Life 

Even if you are a business owner, you need to try and separate your work life from your home life. It can be difficult to switch off properly if you are constantly responding to work emails when you should be having some down time. Over time this will get to you stress wise and you might find that you are not sleeping or eating well because you are so stressed. It is much healthier for your mentally to be able to take a break from any work related stresses when you are at home, and also so that you can spend some much needed time with your kids as well which is also important. 

Meet Up With Friends and Have a Chat 

Keeping in contact with close friends and having a break away from being a mom is also very important for your own wellbeing. It allows you to talk about anything that is troubling you which is very important for your mental wellbeing and enjoy doing activities that you enjoy. It’s important to remember that you have interests and hobbies that you enjoy as well as looking after your family so do try to make time to chat with your friends as it will certainly make you feel better and enable you to discuss anything that is on your mind.  


Have ‘Me Time’ at Home 

If the quietest time to have some time to yourself is when the kids are asleep in the evening then perhaps you should make the most of this opportunity and do something that you enjoy. Whether it is watching your favorite film, giving yourself a facial, reading a good book, having a bubble bath, meditating or getting creative then you want to make time in your schedule to do something you enjoy. It will allow you to have some much needed ‘me time’ to remind yourself that there are things that you enjoy doing as well as looking after your family and working. 

Switch Off From Social Media 

Though social media can be great for keeping in contact with friends and family it can also be harmful as you end up comparing your current situation to those around you, even complete strangers you have never even met. Mentally it’s good for your well being if you have a break from social media so that you do not end up in the cycle of comparing your life to those around you which can affect your mood and motivation. So whenever possible try to have a social media detox and prevent yourself from scrolling through endless pages on Instagram each night. Your mental wellbeing will thank you for this.  

Overall you need to remember that you are only human and despite wanting to be a supermom you need to slow down at times and remember to take care of yourself. Afterall, if you are not well enough to look after the family then who will? So try not to put your own mental and physical welfare on the back burner and ensure you look after your own health too.

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