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Looking After Your Back As A Mom

A lot of women develop back pain after having a child. In many cases, this can be caused by pregnancy, which can put a lot of pressure on the spine. In other cases, it can be the result of the constant bending and carrying involved when looking after an infant or toddler.

Back Pain Health Tips

It’s important to look after your back to ensure that any pain doesn’t get worse. Below are just some of the ways in which you can look after your back as a mom.

Preventing flare-ups

Back pain is unlikely to be constant 24/7 (and if it is, you should see a doctor). Most new moms experience flare-ups – this could include days or hours in which pain is particularly bad.
Flare-ups are often the result of specific triggers, which could cause the muscles or joints to become inflamed. A few common triggers of back pain include:

*Lack of sleep
*Sitting/standing for too long
*Heavy drinking
*Carrying heavy loads

Consider ways of avoiding these triggers where possible. Stress and lack of sleep are likely to be difficult to avoid as a new mom, however you may be able to avoid other triggers such as doing low-impact exercise every day and limiting alcohol/caffeine.

Treating your back pain

You may be able to reduce pain with medication. Over-the-counter painkillers may be enough. Alternatively, if your back pain is severe, you may be able to get prescribed medication such as medicinal marijuana as found at sites like Be wary that certain forms of pain relief may be better avoided if you’re still breastfeeding.
There are lots of non-medical forms of pain relief that you can also look into. Having a soak in a hot bath is a great remedy for back pain as it relaxes all the muscles in the back. Inhaling essential oils like lavender and rosemary may also help, while consuming herbal ingredients such as turmeric and cloves may also have an impact.
When it comes to seeking professional treatment procedures, you could look into massages or acupuncture. Injections and surgery may be other options, but only if back pain is serious and debilitating. You can find other treatment options listed here at

Preventing further back injury

Any spinal or muscular problem could get worse if you do not look after you back. Any further injury is likely to be caused by a physical action such as bending, stretching or lifting heavy weights – particularly if you’re doing it excessively or adopting a poor posture.

Below are just a few tips for avoiding further back injury:

When bending down, always bend at the knees – not the waist. This is particularly important when lifting heavy weights (such as a box or a toddler). This is one of the biggest causes of back injury.

When holding your little one one on your hip, try to switch sides every time so that you’re not putting strain on one side.

When breastfeeding, use a comfortable pillow behind you so that your back isn’t strained.

Make sure that pram handles are at the right height so that you’re not bedding over.

Be active and eat healthy. Weight gain can put a lot of stress on the back, which could eventually result in an injury.

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