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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano

Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano

After spending the afternoon at Zoomar’s Petting Zoo, the kids and I ventured over to Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano. It is another one of those fun things to do in Orange County that everyone has been talking about, but we had never been until now.

Los Rios Play Structure

Los Rios Historic District

Horse riding in San Juan Capistrano

Los Rios Park ended up being a kids park paradise! The park was decked out in a full western theme, and the kids did not want to leave. They climbed on the large play structure, pretended they were in the wild west on the horses, and climbed for hours on the large rock formations.

Things to do in Orange County

Water play at Los rios Park

Park Benches

The park has swings, and in the summertime, there is a large water feature for the kids to have water play! The park is set in far enough away from the main road that parents can just sit in the sandbox with their kids, and enjoy every minute together at this special Orange County park.

Picnic Tables at Los Rios Park

San Juan Capistrano Parks

Best place for a park birthday party

My favorite (all-time favorite) thing about this park is all the intimate picnic tables and benches. Everywhere I turned was another place for parents to sit with their children, or enjoy a private picnic lunch together as a family. There were even sets of picnic tables that were set-off from the park that would be perfect for a child’s birthday party.

Nature Trails in San Juan Capistrano

Picnic tables at Los Rios Park

After my kids and I spent hours playing at this park, we went for a walk around the park admiring all the beautiful nature. The kids talked to me about their favorite parts of the day while counting all the horse shoe tracks in the sand.

Bathrooms at Los Rios Park

Bathrooms at Los Rios Park

parking at los rios park

Plenty of parking available at Los Rios Park

Los Rios Park is located at 31747 Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano. Bring a picnic lunch and plan to spend the entire day at this beautiful park in the historic Los Rios neighborhood.

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One Comment

  1. I find it interesting that no one mentions the extremely shady characters that hang around this park. We went this morning before Zoomars and there was an empty box of empty beer bottles, bottle caps everywhere, an empty Smirnoff bottle under the swings and pee between the climbing rocks. Not to mention the guy with the face tattoo hanging around outside of the bathrooms and the other two ‘gang looking types’ who circled us on bikes until we left. I will NEVER take my children back to that place.


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