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Losing A Loved One Due To Wrongful Death: How Can Families Recover?

Grief is a vicious cycle; there is no textbook way or bestselling book that tells you how not to feel the pain that comes with losing a loved one. The pain gets more excruciating when the circumstances of their death were engineered by reckless driving, medical negligence or malpractice, defective products, and technical glitch in an automobile. 

Children and Divorce

More than anything, you want your mum, dad, daughter, son to come back from the dead, which is quite impossible, but this is you going through grieving stages. What is left is to recover, and here is a highlight of how you can recover from a wrongful death. 

Talking About It

The stages of grief differ from one person to another. Still, there is a given here, everyone has a breaking point, and experts recommend that when you lose a loved one, a definite way of dealing with it is talking about how you feel about their death, what it means for you, and how much the deceased means to you. 


There are grief counselors who often help people deal with the loss of your loved one by granting you a safe space to express your anger, resentment, or hurt over the death of your loved one. Also, as a family, you can talk about the happy memories of your loved ones. Knowing that they live on in your heart will help your grief and recovery process.

Seeking Justice

This is another way of finding closure after the death of a loved one, knowing that the at-fault party will get to feel the sharp piercing of the sword of the law. As the bereaved family, you can hire an investigator to help you investigate the wrongful death and identify the culprit who caused the road traffic accident. Or the person who administered the wrong medication or misdiagnosed your loved one. Afterward, get a lawyer to help you pursue criminal charges against the culprit. Knowing that the person who caused your grief is behind bars gives your family the needed springboard to start a new normal and forge ahead. 

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim


Your family can institute a legal case against the culprit that caused the wrongful death either by filing a wrongful death lawsuit or using the family compensation act to seek financial support, payment for medical, funeral, and burial expenses. However, the deceased’s grandparents, parents, spouse, children, and stepchildren can institute a wrongful death claim. 

To file a claim on the family’s behalf, you will need a wrongful death claim lawyer who will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accident, medical practice, or defective products caused the death of your loved one. They will also help you calculate the financial implications of the death on your family and seek that the culprit or at-fault party compensates the deceased’s family. However, there is a statute of limitation on wrongful death claims in some states, which is between 2-4 years, so if you think making the at-fault party pay will give you closure or help you heal from the loss, you can pursue it. 

Getting Financial Support 

Most families have been torn apart after a loved one’s death because of the financial burden they have to deal with, making them stuck in the grief phase. When you know, you can get financial support by suing or pursuing a wrongful death claim against the municipality, pharmaceutical company, hospital, or individual that caused the wrongful death of your loved one. It gives you the needed push to want to recover from the loss. For instance, the deceased might be the sole breadwinner of the family, but when you’re able to access his death insurance policy, settle medical bills and be able to provide for the children, then you can focus on the future. 

Helping Others Deal With Similar Loss

Another way to recover from the loss of a loved one is to lend a helping hand to others who have just been plunged into the same situation as you or creating a support group of families left behind by victims of the same tragic accident. 

Knowing that you’re not alone in your grief and having a support group of similar people who have gone through the same tragedy gives you hope you can pull through the ordeal, make peace, and move on from it. 

Families can recover from a wrongful death tragedy when they have means and proven ways to pursue psychological, social, financial, and economic support that can help them deal with the trauma.

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