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Luck of The Irish St. Patrick’s Day Matching Game


With Saint Patrick’s Day coming upon us. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate a little game time fun into a craft my kids and their friends would enjoy. For as long as I can remember my kids have loved matching games. We have purchased countless games sporting all their favorite cartoon characters and numerous themes. Those games became my inspiration.


I knew if I could come up with my own easy to make version, my children would jump at the chance to play. This would be the perfect opportunity to have some one on one time with my older boys and at the same time it would let my creative juices flow. This is a win-win situation in my household. After brainstorming a bit I came up with this easy to make Luck Of The Irish Game.


Supplies needed:

Plastic gold coins
1-2 sheets of white paper
Container or Zip top Bag
Themed stickers
Glue dots (I used 1/2 in.)




Trace circles using 1 gold coin on the white paper
Make sure you have the same number of circles traced as gold coins you are using


Draw a clover inside the circles


Color 2 clovers the same color making a matching pair. Continue to do this with all the remaining circle/clovers.


Be creative if you have older children. You can make patterns on the clovers to make matching more of a challenge
Cut out the circles
Place a single glue dot on the gold coin
Take a circle with the clover and place it on the gold coin. Repeat until all covered


Decorate your container or Zip Top bag with the themed stickers of your choice (optional) to hold your game pieces


Now you are ready to play the game.



Place all the gold coins with the clovers face down
Take turns flipping 2 game pieces over to find a match. If a match is found go again. If no match is found the next player takes their turn
when all the clovers have been matched, the player with the most pairs wins

Enjoy and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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