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Lunch and Sun at Sands Banyan Tree Mayakoba

We visited as a guest of the venue

Entrance to Banyan Tree

One of the highlights of our trip to Mayakoba was taking the complimentary Mayakoba shuttle over to Banyan Tree Resort to have lunch at Sands. Sands Restaurant is located at the Banyan Tree beach club and offers guests beautiful views of the turquoise waters and sandy white beach.

Beautiful view from Sands at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

Banyan Tree Beach

The pool at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

When we arrived at the restaurant, we first spent some time at the beach club. The staff helped to set-up towels for us by the pool, and we relaxed on the lounge chairs while listening to the crashing ocean waves. We splashed in the water, took a short walk along the beach and then while we were resting in our lounge chairs. Suddenly, we heard the sound of someone blowing a conch shell.

Walking along the beach at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

Ella in the Mayakoba ocean

Fish market at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Beautiful Mayakoba Mexico beach

We jumped up out of our chairs to see what the excitement was about and noticed that they had just brought in a fresh catch of fish for the day. The chef proudly displayed the day’s fresh catch and invited guests to select a fish to be prepared for their lunch.

Picking out fresh fish for lunch at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

Fresh fish at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Blowing a horn to signal lunch at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Catch of the day at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

My daughter picked out her favorite fish and ordered it to arrive at our table ceviche style. So, we put on our swim cover-up and entered the restaurant for lunch. My daughter ordered a smoothie, I had a glass of wine, and we savored every minute of spending quality time together at such a beautiful place.

Sands Restaurant at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

Inside of Sands Restaurant at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

The ceviche arrived at our table within minutes, and it was fresh and delicious. It was some of the best ceviche that we have ever devoured, and we enjoyed every last bite.

Fresh Ceviche at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba


Ceviche at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

For our main course, the chef surprised us with a variety of different tacos. We enjoyed a carne asada taco, fish taco, and shrimp taco. All of them were flavorful and delicious.

Tacos at Sands at Banyan Tree Resort

Tacos at Banyan Tree Mayakoba Mexico

Steak taco at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

Our lunch ended with a variety of mouthwatering desserts.

Desserts at Sands at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Chocolate dessert at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba

It was a beautiful afternoon in Mayakoba at Sands. When planning your visit to Mayakoba, make reservations to have lunch at Sands at Banyan Tree in Mayakoba. It is guaranteed to be a day that you’ll remember forever.

Wind surfer at Mayakoba

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