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The Magic of Disney on Ice Follow Your Heart

We visited as a guest of the venue

We had the opportunity to attend as a guest of The Honda Center to watch Disney on Ice “Follow Your Heart,” and the show did not disappoint. Disney on Ice outdid themselves with this exhilarating performance. My three kids were pretty much in awe for the entire 2-hours (4-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-month-old).

The show started with the characters in a scene from the movie Inside Out and then moved to the grand entrance of Disney’s favorites Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. The minute this happened, the crowd cheered loudly when they appeared on the Ice.

Following the entrance of Disney’s favorites, they featured the story of Beauty and the Beast. My kiddos went crazy for this, as this is one of their favorite movies! The costumes and performances were on point especially the Beast whom my son loves.

The show then moved into a display of all of the Princesses dancing together with each of them with their significant others. Acrobatics were performed from the movies Tangled and The Little Mermaid. The skating from the princesses was so amazing to watch. There was also an adorable number featuring the Seven Dwarves and Aladdin. Aladdin is another one of my kid’s favorites, so it was so fun to see their faces light up during that performance.

The production then takes a short intermission for about 20 minutes, which was at the perfect time so the kids could burn some energy from the cotton candy and popcorn we bought from the concession stand.

Following Intermission the show highlighted the movie Finding Dory. They feature a sizeable lifelike version of Hank the “Septopus.” It was really impressive to watch him move around on the stage. After, telling the story of Finding Dory, they brought out the characters from Toy Story.

The show ends with a big grand finale with scenes from the movie Frozen. They had fireworks and real snowfall from the ceiling. It made the kids feel like they were really experiencing the reality of the movie. My two-year-old daughter was so captivated her mouth was wide open as she watched in amazement. She absolutely loves the movie Frozen and was trying to act out and sing the scenes on my husband’s lap.

I highly recommend attending this show. It is running at The Honda Center in Anaheim from December 20th to December 24th. It is a definite must for kids of all ages. It’s an experience for kids and adults to connect with their most loved and favorite Disney character. I promise the characters, their costumes, the performers skating skills, pyrotechnics and special effects will impress you. It will be a cherished memory that will keep your kids talking about it in the future.

I am wife and mommy of two little ones Landon and Harper.  I love to be with my little loves so much I spend all my days with them.  I am a mom who has completely and totally embraced this crazy and amazing journey called mommy hood.  My husband and I both attended the same schools since Jr. High and both became USC alumni.  We are also both one of four kids so we are extremely family oriented.   I am inspired by photography and trying to capture memories of my littles everyday as well as a real estate enthusiast who is always intrigued to what is going on in the marketplace.  
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