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The Magic of The Lion King

We saw The Lion King as a guest of Disney

The all-new live-action Lion King captures your interest in so many ways. The movie is mesmerizing with all of the music and characters, and you do not want ever to take your eyes off the screen.

Simba in The Lion King

I enjoyed watching the film and singing along to my favorite songs and laughing at all the jokes Pumbaa and Timon made. I used to watch this film with my children when they were younger all the time, so sharing it with them when they are teenagers is a real treat for me as a mother.

Scene from Disney's The Lion King

The film is done entirely in CGI and animation technology except for on scene. I have yet to figure out what that scene is, but maybe when I watch it again, I can find it. The technology and heart used to make this movie are absolutely stunning. The animals were so real looking it was almost if you could reach out and pet them.

Nala and Simba in The Lion King

It was truly amazing watching some of my favorite characters from the original film come to life as real animals on screen. They kept the same look to each and every character while adding actual life characteristics and actions. The animals were able to talk and sing their songs, but still, give off the appearance that you could find them in the wild on a safari.

Baby Simba in The Lion King

The Lion King is known for its timeless songs that are sung all over the world. When remaking the film, they used some of the artists from the original version to help recreate that magic. Along with adding a new talent like Beyonce and Donald Glover. Their voices had my jaw dropping and singing along with them.

The Lion King comes to theaters today. Make sure to take your whole family to relive the beautiful moments retold.

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