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The Magical of the Holidays at the Sawdust Festival

We visited as a guest of the venue

Dara and Neka at the Sawdust Festival

For many years, the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach has been our family destination during summer.  With the various activities available for the whole family it makes it a great destination. This year we decided to visit the Sawdust Art Festival’s 26TH Annual Winter Fantasy.

For years I had wanted to go but always hesitated because of parking, but then I learned that Laguna has multiple lots within walking distance so I could put my hesitation aside and enjoy a day out with my family.  I love the venue for the Sawdust Festival.  The outside reminds me of a fairy tale house similar to that of the dwarves from Snow White.

Naz and her family enjoying the Sawdust Festival

The ground is covered in sawdust and as you walk through its gates you immediately feel the magic of Christmas.  As we entered the festival grounds I looked up and noticed it was snowing.  What an amazing way to be greeted, snow! Well as close to snow as we could get in Southern California, the bubble machine was hard at work providing us with “snow”.  The kids and I excitedly ran around to be covered in as much snow as we could get, as my husband yelled for us not to eat the snowflakes.

Dancing in the Snow at The Sawdust Festival

2016 Sawdust Festival

Exploring the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach

My kids are well aware of the magic and fun that the Sawdust Festival has to offer so before we ventured to say hello to Santa, my kids ran to the Ceramic Center to create their piece of art.

Kids learning pottery at the Sawdust Festival

Learning the art of ceramics at the Sawdust Festival

Sawdust Festival Ceramics Center

Pottery made by kids at the Sawdust Festival

I keep and use each of my kid’s ceramics pieces and showcase the art they make at the festival throughout my home.   Each time I look at their pieces I get transported by to our day together.  While the kids made their ceramic bowls, my husband and I were trying not to get distracted with various other activities. What good parents wouldn’t take pictures of their kids making ceramics?  Side note: the ceramic corner provides aprons but if your children tend to get things on their clothes like mine do, have them wear something that you don’t mind getting messy.  They will get messy!  After my kids created their works of art we headed to Santa!  He greeted us with open arms and spent a good while with my daughter who had to give him the 411 on her brother.

Santa Claus at the Sawdust Festival

Snowing at the Sawdust Festival

Visiting Santa at the Sawdust Festival

As we took pictures, the snow was coming down on the outside make the illusion of a magical white Christmas.  I’m perfectly okay with the bubbles being snow because regardless it made the magic come alive.  The rest of our time was spent painting, drawing, petting animals at the satellite Zoomars petting zoo, eating and shopping.

Kids creating art at the Sawdust Festival

Sawdust Festival artwork

Father and son art at the Sawdust Festival

Sawdust Festival Petting Zoo 

Animal love at the Sawdust Festival

Victorian singers at the Sawdust Festival

The Sawdust has so many amazing arts selling their work for reasonable prices.  175 artists create, display, and sell original creations over the course of five weekends.  You can purchase jewelry, clothing, fused and blown glass, ceramics, woodwork, forged metals, painting, photography, sculpture, and textiles.  To celebrate our first Winter Sawdust experience, each of my kids purchased their own little piece of art.  I also went around and purchased a few one of kind pieces as holiday gifts for friends and family.

Learning to love art at the Sawdust Festival

If you are looking to purchase a special, creative gift then head to the Sawdust instead of the mall. I just wanted to share a sweet experience that happened on this day.  As my son was watching his sister getting fairy dusted, a vendor gave my son a penny to make a wish.  Their conversation went from books, to history to philosophy and ended with him gifting my son a book on Primitive Art.  I was so taken aback by his kindness and pure interest in my son.  Turns out that on top of being an artist that creates beautiful pieces of jewelry, he is a history teacher at a local high school.  I just wanted to thank Greg Thorne for making our first winter visit even more magical, you truly encompass the holiday spirit.

Learning about art at the Sawdust Festival

Making a wish at the Sawdust Festival

Winter Fantasy at Sawdust Festival is open five Weekends: November 19 through December 18, 2015 open 10am-6pm.  Check out their website for more information www.

Sawdust Festival Holiday Magic

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