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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Majestic Lights at the The Chinese Lantern Festival

We visited as a guest of the venue

If you are looking for a visually beautiful experience that is not Christmas lights, look no further, The Chinese Lantern Festival at the Pomona Fairplex is a must-see experience.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is open Thursday- Sunday weekly until January 6,2019.

At first, I thought the festival was going to be those lanterns you release into the sky, but boy was I wrong. This Festival is not about that at all.

The lanterns are huge. They are real works of art filled with bright LED lighting. Everywhere you turn you will see beautifully crafted Chinese lanterns in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They have it set up, so you walk down paths and each path brings you to something beautiful. One area my son loved was the Dinosaur area. Here you can sit on dinos and take pictures with them. All around the area you will see Dinosaur lanterns lit up.

There is also a spot where people are crafting intricate works of art right before your eyes for purchase. There are also food vendors, so you can nosh on some tasty Chinese food and other treats and drinks while you are there.

When you first enter you will see a vendor with all lit up balloons on a stick with micro LEDs on them, my kiddos were fascinated by them, so we purchased them each one, and they played with them the whole night while we walked around.

My daughters have lasted for weeks while my son popped his on day two, so be a little careful if you buy one, they are tough, but can and will pop if you are too rough with them.

This year’s Chinese Lantern Festival’s theme is ”The Wild,” so you can expect to see many wild animal lanterns. There is also a big elephant sculpture made with teacups and saucers; it is really beautiful. The detail in this was just amazing and by far my favorite piece there.

I cannot say enough good things about this festival. They have really made this something special. Even the Kung Fu show was fun.

If your kiddos get antsy, they have an area with inflatables that you can jump around in or roll around in for a small fee. It was located near the back of the event. In an exclusive area away from the lanterns.

If you would like to visit the Chinese Lantern Festival, you can purchase tickets at or at the door. Prices start at $15.50-$27.00.

Dawn is a fun loving wife and Mom to 3 amazing boys and a beautiful baby girl(finally). Her philosophy is family first and everything else comes second. You can find her juggling all things family with crafting, cooking, baking, traveling and her favorite…blogging for the OC Mom Blog. Her newest adventure is managing the social media for a local OC baby product company, all while being a stay at home mom to her baby girl and homeschooling her 5-year-old. Dawn likes to stay busy and is always on the go and looking for new adventures with her family. She believes life is too short, so you must live each day to the fullest.
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