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Make a Fashion Statement with Kuhfs



I am guilty of always being seen wearing the same kinda outfit – jeans and a t-shirt. I am often too busy running my kids around town to stop and worry about making sure my outfit is current with the latest fashion trends, but I do want an easy way to mix-up my fashion look. Since jeans are my staple wardrobe, I was looking for a new style of jeans when I stumbled upon Kuhfs.

Kuhfs are an innovative invention that is perfect for moms to make a chic new fashion statement without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe. It is a cuff that is easily wrapped around the bottom of your jeans and completely transforms your outfit. Kuhfs come in a wide variety of different styles to fit each person’s individual taste. The best part is that Kuhfs can be attached to the bottom of your jeans within seconds making it super simple to put on before running out of the house to drive carpool.

They not only have Kuhfs for the bottom of your jeans or even the top of your boots, but they also have a wide variety of scarves. The scarves are chic and can be used to dress-up any mom’s daily outfit. Along with scarves, they also have “kuhfs” you can wear with your scarves that help accessorize and personalize your look. The options are endless.

Kuhfs are one of the best fashion inventions for busy moms and are priced affordably to work with almost everyone’s budget. Learn more about Kuhfs online at

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