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Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts For Lazy Weekends

Everyone loves a lazy weekend where you get to stay indoors and wind down from the busy week you had. Even though such weekends can be relaxing, you can’t spend every weekend like that. Doing activities involving crafts is also a great way to spend your time since they present opportunities for creating something new and bonding with your family while having fun.

 CraftWhack’s article on paper plate crafts is an excellent example of how you can use tools from within your home to create an entertaining and fun-filled activity that everyone can participate in. Continue reading this article to learn more about some of the best indoor crafts that would be perfect for lazy weekends.

 What Crafts Would Be Great For Lazy Weekends 

Recycling Old Window Frames

Recycling old materials such as window frames is also good for the environment. Take the glass parts out of the old window frames and use the space for something different. You can staple manila over it and use it to create a schedule chart, or you can pin some of your favorite pictures onto it.

Creating a Driftwood Shape

If you love shapes and decor, then driftwood would be perfect for you. Making a driftwood piece allows you to develop your crafting skills and create something that you can proudly display in your home.

To start, you should trace out the shape you want and then get driftwood pieces that would fill the outline of your shape. Use a hot glue gun to join them together. After doing this, try and trim the pieces into your desired shape.

Recycling Cans

When getting crafty, you don’t have to go above and beyond to buy something expensive to work with. You can simply get a couple of old cans and turn them into something different.

 Start by taking cans of different shapes and sizes and painting over them with different colors. After painting them, you can use the cans in a variety of ways. For instance, you can use the cans to put flowers in, like pencil holders or even as a piggy bank for your kids.

Making Things Out of Cardboard 


With a bit of imagination, a piece of cardboard, some glue, and a pair of scissors, there is no end to what you can make. In case you are feeling a little low on creative ideas, you can look around the house for inspiration.

Once something comes to mind, grab your tools and start creating your piece. You can either make a wall art piece or cut it into different shapes such as cups, plates, a set of butterfly wings, or anything else that comes to mind.

Dyeing Some Old Cloth Pieces

Occasionally, curtains or tablecloths can start looking dated or faded, but that doesn’t mean you should throw them away. Instead, you can take your time to dye the fabric either back to its original color or a different color to make it presentable again. Trying a different color can be great, especially if you decide on a new home color theme.


Don’t limit your painting to creating colorful reusable cans and wall art; consider the rooms of your house as well. For instance, if you have a room in your home that you feel doesn’t get enough light, you could paint the door in a vibrant color to make up for the darkness. You could also choose to do a project out of this craft and gradually paint the walls of your house instead of hiring someone to do it for you.

Get Crafty 

Getting crafty is all about learning experiences that allow you to have fun and get creative; it doesn’t require much skill or technique. With crafts, you can alleviate your boredom and pass the time by creating something that would be useful or add a little vibrance to your home. 

The best part is that you don’t have to create something perfect; all you need is a craft that brings you joy. The suggestions above are just a few of the many crafts that can help get you through a lazy weekend.

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