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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Make Next Year’s Valentine’s Day Special

What if next year, for Valentine’s Day, we gave a gift made with our own fingers to our other half? In addition to making the recipient twice as happy, it’s a good alternative when you don’t have a big budget. Romantic and authentic DIYs are added to the creative ideas for a homemade dinner between lovers. To show your love in the most original way possible, we have collected some tips for Valentine’s Day. Special year, special gift? What we love above all is personalized gifts. It proves that you take care of your other half, that you know him/her well and above all that this little gift is unique in its kind like the love you have for them. For example, if your other half is a fan of nature, consider making them a terrarium, or if they enjoy relaxing, give them homemade bath bombs. To find your best memories, make a personalized photo album or a collage. 

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You can also create a card filled with love and sweet words created by you. It’s also a way of reinventing yourself because after years of living together.  Instead of a simple t-shirt, perfume, chocolate, flowers, you can look at other options. We know that creative hobbies are not for everyone, but here is something to give you DIY, simple and fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day gift. Creative ideas for a successful Valentine’s Day can be simple. You don’t need much to make the most beautiful gift. Clearly, there is no need to spend a fortune to please with a little attention. How about a Valentine Book?

Host a special dinner

A good meal is one of the most common ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple. So whether you’re trying out a new recipe or using original ingredients, why not elevate the experience by making it even more exceptional? Go the extra mile: light candles, create a romantic playlist, carefully set the table, and don’t forget to include something sweet on the menu.

Invent a dessert 

Make dessert time a little more imaginative by offering a “dessert bar” with ingredients like ice cream, cookies, toppings like chocolate syrup, whipped cream and fruit. Invite each guest to create a one-of-a-kind dessert, and give it a name. 

The double program 

What is more romantic than a love movie? Watching a few movies in one day can be quite enjoyable, and Valentine’s Day, and a perfect day for it! Maybe you and your partner could each choose a movie, and surprise the other with it. To inspire you, you can find a list of the 100 best love movies of all time compiled by the site Rotten Tomatoes.

Ice cream cocktail

An ice cream cocktail? Why not! Take cocktails to a whole new level by incorporating your favorite ice cream. Sweet treats always go down well! 

Create happiness in communication 

Be spontaneous 

It’s a proven fact, routine and boredom are the main kill-love of the couple. It is often for these reasons that we go elsewhere to seek happiness. So don’t make the same mistakes with your lover and show a little spontaneity. Take them to the cinema, the theater, a concert, whatever but dazzle them! It is therefore essential to find ways to flourish as a couple. Because if the daily routine overcomes your loyalty, you will surely not be more tolerant with your lover. 

Avoid heated discussions

As a couple, there are topics not to be discussed, at the risk of ending the evening each on their own. What couple has never wanted to tear their hair off during a heated debate about the performance of household chores? With your lover, it’s exactly the same, even if the subjects of discord are different. In particular, avoid talking too often about your official partner or family if you are not both totally comfortable with the issue. Or it may cause some small friction.

Accept nobody is perfect 

It’s not perfect, neither are you. With your partner, it is difficult to draw a line on the small changes you would like to see in their behavior.  But we are not perfect as human beings and we make mistakes. The most important thing is to overcome them together. You must determine the very foundations of the relationship. Yes, living in a good relationship is exhilarating but not necessarily easy. So, if you want to see your story last, make sure from the start that you are both on the same wavelength. Be clear about what you expect from your relationship. If you don’t, then it can be tricky. So make the start of a better relationship soon!

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