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How To Make Resin Crafts In Your Spare Time

If you’re looking for a new hobby or you generally dabble in arts and crafts then resin art might be just the thing for you. Resin crafts are not only intriguing to look at but also have a variety of uses since the objects that can be fashioned from resin are endless such as décor pieces, key chains, lockets, wind chimes, and even coasters. Perfecting resin art in your free time means you can come up with some one-of-a-kind décor pieces for your home or even monetize your hobby and sell your pieces online!

For art resin pieces, epoxy resin is typically used to mold into different shapes and sizes depending on the object you are trying to create. Resin can be poured onto a canvas for a wondrous abstract piece or put into different molds the way one would do pour painting crafts. The resin is later mixed with a chemical hardener which makes it go completely solid and provides durability. 

Basic Supplies For Starters

Here are the basic supplies you need to invest in before doing resin crafts:-

  • Resin is undoubtedly the first material you will need. Using resin for any purpose is usually a two-step process consisting of the resin and the hardener. Resin has a number of both aesthetic and industrial uses and is used as a base for when plastic products are manufactured. It also provides the function of a protectant over plastic and glass. Synthetic resin is easily available in most relevant stores and is cost-effective as well for starters. 
  • Hardener is the second step and the second material you need. Hardener is not necessarily needed to dry the resin as resin can dry on its own but it adds a greater resilience factor to the finished object. Furthermore, it saves your creation from being rough, ragged, crusty, or unappealing as the hardener adds a crystal smooth finish. In most cases, it is in fact used for the smoothness alone rather than for adding durability. 
  • The last thing you need is a suitable base for your resin art. This depends entirely on what you are making as molds are available for a large number of items from earrings, photo frames, ashtrays to even jewelry boxes. 

The Steps To Take

Resin art is not a complicated science and most people can make truly beautiful objects with ease if they follow the steps. First, you need to decide on the project you want to undertake and get the above-mentioned materials together. You don’t have to straight away start with molds you can do resin-style paintings as well by buying canvas if that is more to your interest. 

Always make sure you have a big enough space to do your resin crafts in such as a large table or a separate room or you could step up a workbench in your lawn. There is a chance of spillage so you don’t want to be around things you could damage like furniture or fabric. Once everything is ready, you can go about mixing the resin and the hardener but bear in mind that the ratio varies from brand to brand so follow the instructions on the packet. 

All resin is not made the same either, you have casting resin as well as epoxy resin. Both require you to handle them carefully but the major difference between them is that epoxy resin takes much less time to dry and become solid and is a good choice for those that lack patience. The epoxy coating might also offer you more strength and durability in the end product. 

If you are just practicing you don’t need to add color pigments but if you are ready to really produce some beautiful art you can go about choosing your favorite colors to use as pigment to mix in with the resin. You can mix various colors together to add a tie-dye look as well. Resin art takes roughly 72 hours to fully cure and harden so you might find patience is a virtue with your first batch of creations. 

Once your brilliant creation is ready you can showcase it in your house, sell it on Etsy or a similar small business platform or make it your preferred therapy method after a hard day. While resin seems scientific in nature, it is the perfect arts and crafts idea for everyone as long as they’re wearing gloves and an apron and not inhaling the chemical while pouring into a mold. Follow basic safety guidelines and you should do just fine. 

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