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How to Make Traveling with Your Baby Less Stressful and More Rewarding

You may have been putting off traveling with your baby because you’re afraid of all of the things that could go wrong. However, you really are missing out on a lot of fun experiences that you could have with your infant. Traveling doesn’t need to be stressful if you prepare ahead of time! So book your tickets and pack your baby formula because we’re going to help you navigate the tricky but rewarding field of traveling with babies.

Don’t Pack Too Much

Many parents pack as much stuff as they possibly can because they think it will allow them to be more prepared. Unfortunately, all of these items can just weigh you down. You’re better off packing only the bare essentials. You can usually rent infant seats from rental car companies and request cribs from hotels. If your baby has a lot of accidents and goes through their clothes quickly, you can use the laundry service at your hotel. Stick to packing essential items like formula, your baby’s favorite blanket, and a small toy that usually keeps them occupied.

Use A Baby Carrier to Tote Your Baby Around

Strollers can make it easier to get your baby from one place to another. Unfortunately, they can be bulky, and you may find it difficult to navigate them through busy airports or up and downstairs. Many seasoned travelers find it a lot easier to wear their baby in a baby carrier.

Locate Hospitals and Doctors Before Your Trip

Unfortunately, your baby may become sick or injured when you are traveling. Because of this, it’s imperative that you know where doctors and hospitals are near your hotel. Find out what their policy is for seeing travelers. You may need to purchase travel insurance beforehand to ensure that your doctor or hospital visit will be covered. 

Ditch the Schedule

If you are like most parents, your baby is probably on some sort of schedule. However, some of your baby’s patterns may change when you are traveling. They might take a nap earlier or want to eat later than normal. If you find that their usual schedule isn’t working, ditch it. Do what makes your baby happy. You can always resume your schedule once you go back home.

Download Certain Apps On Your Phone

There are several apps that can make travel easier with your baby. You may want to consider downloading an app that will play a soothing noise to help your baby go to sleep even if there’s a lot of noise around. There are also apps that are geared towards babies that will play things like animal sounds or will even make a rattling sound when your baby shakes your phone. 

Make a List of Ways to Entertain Your Baby

Babies can get agitated fairly easily if they aren’t familiar with their surroundings. You will need to figure out some ways to settle your baby so that you don’t disturb those around you. Before you set off on your trip, make a list of things that you can do to entertain your baby when they are screaming or fussy. Even something as simple as crinkling a water bottle can entertain them for a short period of time.

Pay Extra For Things that Will Make Your Trip Easier

If you are like most people, you probably have a travel budget. However, most people who have traveled with an infant before will tell you that it’s worth it to pay extra for things that will make traveling easier. You should consider paying extra for a flight that doesn’t have a long layover or upgrading your rental car to one that’s easier to get your baby in and out of. 

Not everything will go as planned when you are traveling with a baby or small child. Just remember that nothing lasts forever, and you will get through this. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you will be prepared for things like crying spells, delayed flights, and a cranky baby who hasn’t gotten enough sleep. All of these things are worth it because traveling will allow you to create memories with your baby that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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