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Making ‘Turbo’ with Director David Soren


Turbo has flown into theaters on July 17th with its action-packed animation, and rhythmic music. The story is filled with heart and a great message of encouraging children to never give up on their dreams. We talked about this heart-warming film with Director David Soren on making this film that will be a future treasure in families video collections across the Nation.

DreamWorks Animation, in Association with 20th Century Fox, Present the Premiere of TURBO

“My son is obsessed with all things fast”

There is so much high-flying speed in the move “Turbo,” that we were curious about the background of the film. Soren talked about how he had a snail problem, and that he has a son with a love for all things fast. “It was twofold,” said Soren. “It was really combining these two very opposite and contrasting ideas of super slow creatures in the yard with race cars littering around my living room that got me thinking about this character of a snail who was obsessed with speed.”

Making “Turbo” took Soren two and a half years to produce. He first pitched the story 10 years ago through a pitch contest where he won at DreamWorks Animation called PitchFest. He continued to work on the story in his spare time, and put the story aside for a couple of years until his son was born.

There are sure to be some challenges when making a movie with snails, but Soren told us that his biggest challenge when working on the film was, “getting some of the artists out of their offices to go out to photograph the world around them, ” said Soren. He got everyone out of their offices, out from behind their computers, and into the street of LA to research the film. They went to strip malls, and different parts of the valley to depict the valley perfectly in the film.

Turbo is currently in theaters!

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