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Managing Kid’s Online Access with the Verizon FiOS Router

Managing Kid's Online Access with the Verizon FiOS Router

When I first became a parent, we didn’t even have a computer. Almost thirteen years later, we have more devices that I can count on one hand, and find it difficult to keep track of where are the devices are located throughout the house. While I thought that I was the only parent who would have kids wait until their parents go to sleep, and then sneak online to play video games..I am not. It is a growing problem that many parents face of being able to manage their kids time online. Now, parents can gain control over online access with the new Verizon FiOS router. A router that puts the online controls back into the hands of parents no matter where the kids may have stashed a digital device for later use in the night.

With the new Verizon FiOS gateway router, parents can set daily time limits or restrict internet access to any of the digital devices connected to the router. The best part – it can all be managed with the My FiOS app! Parents could be traveling or right in their living room and set online parental controls easily through the app. If it’s 8pm and parents, want to ensure that everyone is offline and getting a good nights sleep it just takes a touch of the button to disable online access to the kids digital devices. If you’re a working a parent and want to make sure that the kids are not online instead of doing their homework with the babysitter, set a daily time limit through the app.

This new feature is revolutionary for parents with kids who are growing up in the digital age. It has become more and more important for parents to have tools they can utilize to help manage their kids online access. Verizon FiOS is committed to helping parents keep kids online time managed with this new feature.

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