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Mane-taining The Mop: Healthcare for your Hair

Hair is one of the more prominent parts of men that have been given more attention over the years, and most even see this as a precious part of their lives that they do not want to lose. However, much work goes into maintaining healthy and shiny hair. Many companies such as Billy Jealousy Shampoos & Conditioners have created products to achieve this. Nevertheless, this could be achieved by remembering three simple rules.

Tips for Staying Healthy

Comb your hair.


What people understand about taking care of their hair is that it requires some amount of shampoo paired with a good amount of conditioner as this cleanses the scalp and hair alike. What people do not understand as much is the importance of combing your hair, and this is arguably just as important as the shampoo or conditioner. Not only does it help prevent hair from being entangled with others, but it helps clean the dead skin from your scalp, declogging pores. This also helps distribute the oils that are currently in your hair, and this is what keeps it healthy and shiny.

However, there are different approaches to take note of, especially regarding wet and dry hair. Wet hair needs to be combed from the scalp itself while dry hair should be combed from the middle of the strands.

A good shampoo and conditioner work wonders.

The very heart of taking care of your hair involves a good shampoo to use, and men will find there are too many options to pick from. There are options specifically for dirt and dandruff while there are others for hair fall. The pricier options, however, maybe too much when compared to those in dollar stores. Nevertheless, the products of companies such as Billy Jealousy are an investment especially to those men who intend to keep their hair healthy and clean from dirt and possibly artificial products such as gels and waxes that damage their hair.

However, what men must always remember to use after shampooing is conditioner. A known fact about shampooing is that it could leave hair frizzy, fragile, and vulnerable to hair fall. What conditioner does is that it makes hair much easier to manage as it becomes softer and leaves it to be shiny.

Do NOT overwash your hair.

Having such a great mop on the top of your head would probably tell you that you will need to wash it almost every day, but in reality, this is far from what you should do. The job of shampoo is to cleanse the scalp from dandruff and remove any excess natural oils that the hair exudes. However, abusing shampoos would lead scalps to become extremely dry and eventually turn your hair brittle, encouraging hair fall. The natural oils that come from hair give it a natural shine, but an excessive amount would risk dirt and dandruff gathering in your head. That is why a healthy washing schedule, using shampoos and conditioners, should be every two to three days.

Only those who have been medically found to produce too much oil should consider washing every day. Other than this case, this would be the perfect approach to hair washing which will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Hair is such a wonderful aspect of a man that could influence their look, however, it is important to know how to keep it in the best condition if one truly cares for it. Be sure to comb your hair, use the best shampoos and conditioners and plan your washing days to get the best results!

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