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Mary Lynn Rajskub on Balancing Motherhood and Work


Mary Lynn Rajskub plays the role of Theresa who is a mom who decided to go to night school to get her GED. She is a mom who got married young, didn’t finish school, and wants to go back-to-school to finish what she didn’t finish. Her life kinda stinks, and after complaining about her life, she tries to cheer herself up by reminding herself that “she is blessed.”

After seeing the film (which is hilarious), I had the honor of talking with Mary Lynn Rajskub about the making of the film, motherhood and second chances. She started by sharing with me how she has a “double life.” She goes out at night to do standup comedy, which can get a little raunchy, and then she gets up in the morning to take her son to school. She shared how she dropped off a homemade coffeecake in the morning for the Hospitality Committee at her son’s school.

One of the messages that she hopes that viewers will take away from the film is the message of personal transformation and second chances. “I love my character so much because she goes from being invisible, and kind of living this life of responsibility and obligation to blossoming. Being around people, and learning that she loves to learn, and communicating with her husband in the end. And each character sort of has their own journey in that way, led by Kevin Hart’s character who doesn’t give up, and learns how to learn, that there’s an importance on that, so I love that,” said Rajskub.

When it comes to relating to her character in the film Rajskub said, “I am not like my character in the movie, but I also am very like my character. I have a really traditional relationship with my husband, and I do like to serve my guys, and I do tend to be reactive, but it’s been a year’s long process of me, and I use performing to force me to get out of my shell.”

Like many of us, Mary Lynn Rajskub is a working mom. How does she find the balance? She shared that when she was younger, she thought that she could do it all, but when life happens, we realize that we really can’t.

I think when I was younger I just sort of blindly accepted you can do it all. But as you get some life behind you, you really can’t. She continued to say, “In her situation and in mine in real life, it’s like I pick up and leave town and my husband has to help me do that. I’m going to New York today, and I’m going to miss the basketball practice. And I’m running my ass off to try to take the coffeecake to school, but I’m not always going to get there. I do a lot of standup comedy, and it’s like, I’m going to grind it a lot, but I’m not going to do it every single night of the week, and I’m not going to go out of town if I don’t have to. You know, so I guess it’s yes and no. There is a balance, but you’re also going to miss stuff when you focus on certain things.”

“I’m really proud of this movie because it has a lot of heart and there are great messages” Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Night School is in theaters starting today. We do recommend the film for children 13+. It is the perfect date night movie or one to bring your teenagers to see. Learn more about Night School online, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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