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Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect in Every Way

We attended as a guest of the venue


On Sunday my family and I took in the matinee showing of Disney’s Mary Poppins by the Musical Theater Orange County (MTOC).  I am a huge fan of MTOC and there productions.


Last year I was invited to see Tarzan which blew my mind so I knew that Mary Poppins would be just as amazing.  Once again MTOC chose the beautiful PYLUSD Performing Arts Center located on the El Dorado High School campus as their home.  There truly isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The theater was comparable to that of South Coast Reparatory in size and sound.  With state of the art sound and lighting, any production held here would be supported well.


First of all let’s start off with the impressive cast all singing and speaking in their English accents.  Not once did they slip and yeah there was a point that I questioned if they imported their actors from the UK.  Next you have the costume designs, beautifully crafted and fitting perfectly for the time period.  From Mary Poppins park attire to the chimney sweep uniforms down to Michael’s school boy socks, they were practically perfect in every way.


There were points during the play that I was looking at the cast’s shoes wondering where they were able to find them?  It wasn’t just about the shoes for me but also the colors.  I loved how brightly colored the costumes were to project the fun and happiness of a specific scene and how dark and gloomy they were in a more serious scenario.  My favorite hair, make up and outfit was Mrs. Corry’s.  She was the essence of joie de vivre and they dressed her up accordingly.


The story isn’t the same as the one when knew from the film.  It goes into deeper detail and focuses on the struggles of all the characters.  From Mrs. Banks filling the role of a banker’s wife; leaving her acting career behind her and trying to fit in with the socialites.  Mr. Banks struggles as a father and provider in a world that is changing.  His desire to be more of a hands on father but living in a world that frowns upon the upper class associating with their children.


The struggles of the inner child screaming to come out to enjoy living life instead of just following the mold.  Sets and lighting staged the mood of the scenes bringing the magic of Mary Poppins to life.   Mary Poppins will be running July 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26; tickets are $25 and sell out quickly.


To reserve your seats or to learn more about Musical Theatre Orange County please visit their website at

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