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MaxPass Enhances the Disneyland Experience

We visited as a guest of Disney

Earlier this month, our family spent a magical day at Disneyland, and it was our first time using MaxPass. What is MaxPass? It is the best thing to happen to families wanting to visit the Disneyland Resort. With MaxPass, families can request a FastPass directly on their cellular device. That means no more rushing over to your favorite attractions with your kids just to tell them that they have to wait until your selected FastPass time to experience the attraction. You’ll now bring your kids to the attraction on time specified on the Disneyland app.

The most important thing that you’ll want to know about MaxPass is that if you already have the Disneyland app installed on your mobile device, you’ll want to update it before coming to Disneyland. Otherwise, you’ll have a slight delay before starting your fun in the park.

If you’ve been to DisneyWorld, you’ll be a little more savvy with the system. It works similarly in some ways. Once you get your tickets, you’ll go to “my tickets” and scan the barcode from your tickets into the app.

Once your tickets are scanned into the app, you’ll have to enter the gates of Disneyland before using MaxPass. As you enter the gates, they will take all of your family photos (this is because they no longer use hand stamps). I thought there would be a delay in entering the park because of this feature, but our family got into the park just as fast as we did before the implementation of this feature.

The minute that you’ve scanned your tickets, you can request your first FastPass using MaxPass. You can request one FastPass at a time using MaxPass. What our family did was request a FastPass using MaxPass for our favorite ride, and then we used the app to find out what attractions had the shortest wait, and experienced those attractions while waiting for our FastPass time.

It was the first time that I used my cellular device to enhance our family Disneyland experience like we have done in the past while visiting Disney World.

The best part of MaxPass is that Disney PhotoPass is included! That’s right! You no longer have to bring your bulky camera to the Disneyland Resort to capture family memories and let the professional photographers throughout the park do it for you. There is something magical about the PhotoPass photographers because all of their photos seem to make me look ten years younger.

The Disney MaxPass is not included in the price of admission but is 100% worth the added expense. The cost is $10 per ticket or $75 add-on to each annual pass. With MaxPass, your family Disneyland experience will be better than ever and help to allow your family to create more magical memories together.

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